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Destination Underground

19 Oct

My shot at haiku…

To reach for the sky

Striving, struggling; in the end

We reach Underground.

The prompt Underground today has made me feeling slightly morbid.  I tried writing something else but somehow just couldn’t…

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Urgent is Nothing

17 Oct

From the time we are “conceived” or maybe even before that, life is all about urgency.  My parents met and then there we were – two children for them to take care of.  I’m sure they couldn’t wait for us to grow up and go away.

I see my friends – girls and boys alike, running from one direction to another, ticking away their boxes on their list.  Find a partner – tick.  Make some babies or at least one – tick.  Can’t make babies, seek medical help – tick.  Try IVF baby – tick.  Baby, yippiee – tick.  Baby crying – tick.  Baby babbling – tick.  Baby toddling – tick.  Baby speaking – tick.  Baby needs to go to nursery – tick.  Find a nursery – tick.  Baby needs to go to school – tick. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK…

All these tick-tick-tick could very well be the time ticking, because for everything there is a “time.” There is the biological clock, for instance.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Then there is…

“…promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Fortunately, for me there is no urgency… nothing is Urgent

The friends (and family), who are busy ticking away their boxes and feeling oh-so-accomplished, often look up from their list and look [down] at me.  What they see gives them shivers down their spine.  They see a “lone” woman, without a man/ woman (to love in sickness and in health, till death parts us), without a steady job, without a child, without a family to call her own, without any a.c.c.o.m.p.l.i.s.h.m.e.n.t.

Sometimes, they offer to find all “missing” elements that are missing from my life.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?????


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Daily Prompt: Subdued

15 Oct

I say I don’t like to talk much but if you see me anywhere, you’ll find me acting the very opposite.

When I am on my own, I am a ponderer.  I love to think, observe, absorb and just sit quietly and watch the world go by.  I am not the same in company.  I fret.  I strut.  I stumble.  I speak.  I stutter.  I utter.  I flutter.  Back in solitude, I regret all the frets, struts, stumbles, speeches, stutters, utters and the flutters.  Then I question myself who I am exactly.

Looking back and a little further, I remember I used to be an assertive kid.  I was good at studies, good grades, almost teachers’ pet.  The best part being I was myself. I enjoyed studying not for good grades or to become a teacher’s pet.  I studied because I liked studying [and I am not making this up].  I did what I liked to do, I was my own happy, assertive self.

These days I look at myself and I see someone who “seem” assertive but knows deep inside that the “assertiveness” is a sham.  I say things that I do not believe.  I say these things because I think I am supposed to say these things.  I say these things because I assume that it is what the listeners want to hear.  I say these things because I feel that I am expected to say these things.

And the worst part of it all –> when I tell people the truth.  “I am not assertive, guys” and I hear a wave of laughter…. he ha ha ha he ha he ha he ha ha ha

Confused… Subdued

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Daily Prompt: Candle

14 Oct

Last month, I went through some of my old stuff.  It wasn’t voluntary but something my mom asked me to do.  She wanted to clear some space and some of my “old” boxes were apparently occupying some “space”.  My first reaction, just throw em away…  Somehow, something changed – killer curiosity crawled in – and there I was sneezing out the dust, fanning away more dust.

As I began the archaeological job, I discovered or rather re-discovered things that I am compelled to categorise as below.

Category 1:  What Was I Thinking

I found “love letters” from old flames.  Ewww!  Why had I not burnt them already?  I found folded-around-the-edge cards, cards that said “good luck”, “congratulations”, “happy birthday”, “bottoms up” and what not, cards from my family, cards from my “old flames”, cards from people.  [Latest update: they are now ash that have vanished into thin air PHEW]

Category 2:  Thank God These are Still Here

I found my old Hello Kitty jewelry box and in it, among boring jewelry trinkets, a bracelet and a necklace – both long forgotten gifts.  I found my very old but still working hair dryer (that I had won at some fair).

Category 3: Books

I found books, books I thought I had lost for good.  Books by Murakami, Ian McEwan, Maugham, Harper Lee, and even Erich Segal’s Love Story, to name a few.

Category 4: Paper Notebooks

A whole heap of UNUSED, UNWRITTEN, UNUSED fresh notebooks.  What were they doing there?  And what do I do with them now??  Do people even write on those things anymore???

Category 5:  What Were They Thinking

This box said “gifts”.  So there was a pen-stand (with yachts floating in the water) that hardly fit two pens.  There were some fancy photo-frames (I am Chandler from Friends when it comes to photos, so photo-frames for me is always one TOOOOO many).  Then there was this cute what-looked-like-a-small-pink-china-bowl Candle and may I add without a wick!!

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Come see Clumsy

13 Oct

Wow!  Daily Prompt does know me… so to speak!!

I own this prompt…  It’s ALL ABOUT ME My middle name should be clumsy… I should be aka “Clumsy” or maybe I am aka Clumsy

[Out of context]  I vividly remember this one time when I was about 4.  I fell down while running and picking myself up I started crying.  My older brother who was running in front of me ran back and asked why I was crying.  When he found out why I was crying, he told me something very wise:

We are not supposed to cry when we hurt ourselves, we should cry only when others hurt us.

[Back to context] Last week, I fell down in front of this store I usually go to.  I scraped my knee and my right palm.  I mean I’m in my 30’s now.  Isn’t that supposed to stop??? I am no kid running around to fall right in front of the store I frequent…  I fall off the bus trying to board… I fall while I’m in the bus, somehow…

I drop my laptop… I dropped my iPhone in a toilet (long sad story)… things fall from my hands as if they want to commit suicide for being in my hands (seriously)… I drop the “new” camera a friend is showing off… I drop the remote control when YOU NEED IT THE MOST… There isn’t a gadget that I haven’t broken if not dropped “yet”.

Just the other night while importing hot bedtime tea I painted my bedroom door with it…

My entry OR my presence in the kitchen is always very obvious… pots and pans start jumping from wherever they are… water start spilling over the counter… spoons bang themselves on the floor… knives target my fingers and not the veggies/ fruits… my food burn (if I ever cook)

I bang my head on the headboards… I scrape my elbows walking in the door which I have used all my life… I don’t want to even talk about those annoying glass doors… my arms and knees are almost always bruised thanks to the doors, windows, the furniture, the bathroom…

It isn’t a good thing to be this clumsy.  No matter how careful I am, things just slip from my fingers, my feet find things to stumble on, my body finds some place to bruise.  I have now started to believe that my clumsy self is actually my alter-ego.  How else could I otherwise explain being this Clumsy?

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Phoneless Fun

11 Oct

I just realised “original” sounds (almost like) OR – IS – IN – ALL!  Now if that’s not original, well what is?


My Original take on the Prompt Original

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror, I reckon you watch it!  It’s a “..television anthology series that shows the dark side of life and technology.”  I particularly liked one episode “The entire history of you” as it made me reflect on my dependence on technology.  Hence, one fine day in September 2016, I decided to forego all aspects of technology from my life.

It’s October and I’ve started blogging, which shows how effective my decision was.

For a week or so (post the resolution), I felt sort of numbed.  I felt some sort of anxiety.  Hence, to numb the numbing and the anxiety, I sort of cut me out a deal.  I decided to use my notebook with certain T&C’s (strictly for the purpose of – checking emails, blogging, writing, and anything but signing in on any SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES).

Even with the notebook, my otherwise whatever-coloured-world has turned bland and grey without a smartphone.  How?  Well…

  • My backpack is pink [the opposite of grey] but heavy with all sorts of just-in-case items.


  • I carry a camera (just in case)


  •  A book (just in case again)


  • A small mirror (another just in case again)


  • And I have even dug out my [ancient] wrist-watch!!wrist-watch





And if the pics are fuzzy, well I used what-we-used-to-call the webcam to click them.  I do not know how long I can do with all the lugging and without a phone but as long as it lasts I will try to enjoy the moment.  How??

  • Thanks to the no-phone, I have started blogging 🙂 again
  • Thanks to the no-phone, I have started reading books (made out of paper)
  • Thanks to the no-phone, I have been sleeping peacefully every night
  • Thanks to the no-phone, I have been able to “sort out my priorities”
  • Thanks to the no-phone, I don’t get called out when I do not want to be out

via Daily Prompt: Original

Daily Prompt: Loathing & Flattery

10 Oct

via Daily Prompt: Flattery Flattery

Growing up, I knew that I was never going to be the one to turn heads… I knew myself very well… however knowing oneself too well led to low self-esteem and self-loathing.  Teenage years were the hardest as all my friends were becoming “finer with age”.  And also because my mom happened!!

My mother was the most sincere person during my teenage years.  I often heard her worrying over my acne and break-outs with her friends.  I also heard her worrying over my weight with her friends whose daughters were the perfect size.  I usually always (I don’t know how these two words go together but then again) overheard her being very sincere about her worries over my face/ body/ personality/ voice/ hair/ facial hair/ all the other hair.  Those were her worries over me which I overheard (or rather made to overhear).  Hence, words like self-worth, self-esteem flew out the window and in flew self-loathing, poor self-image.


Along came Kim.  Kim and I had been fighting the same demons, according to Kim.  According to me, Kim is wayyyyyyyy hotter than her namesake “Kardashian.”

Anyway, she taught me how we can deceive ourselves with a little bit of “self-flattery”.  So we’d stand in front of the mirror and shout “I am beautiful” or things like that, flattering ourselves FULL ON!  Then we used to laugh till our cheeks hurt.  I don’t know why but I found our little “practice” very soothing, as if I was rediscovering my own self.  It wasn’t about being beautiful or ugly, it wasn’t about being fat or skinny.  It was about accepting the truth and being able to laugh about it.  It was about accepting myself.


Photo source

Well, I can turn heads now especially when I announce how beautiful I am and how no one may have seen anyone as beautiful.  The heads do turn – to check twice – to make sure they’ve heard me right.  Then those heads turn away.  And once again I remember Kim and I standing in front of a mirror chanting our mantra and I secretly laugh.  I’m sure the turned away heads do too.


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