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13 Dec

A Random Quote:

“The best feeling comes when you realize you’re perfectly happy even without the person you once thought you needed most.”

A Bespoke Coat:  By Tom Ford, for Tom Ford

I watched Tom Ford on Jimmy Kimmel Show and today’s prompt got me thinking about that show for no reason other than to use the word “Bespoke“.  He apparently doesn’t “hang out” and it was very difficult for me to get around that fact.

Well, here I am… living life on the edge… living a plan-less life… I have been thinking of living a slightly more planned life and the thought itself has started giving me scares.  The anxiety that I am getting while thinking of planning a more planned-life is pushing me to a frenzied Phagomania [a psychological condition that causes a person to be obsessed with food and or the excessive desire to eat].

And TOM FORD in his bespoke suit [that he apparently designed himself] doesn’t hang out…. he PLANS a year ahead… and my head is spinning…

via Daily Prompt: Bespoke

blog o’clock

11 Dec

could’ve been blog o’clock, but for this writer’s block… sigh




30 Mar

The more I’ve tried to ignore the Writer’s block, the more it’s blocked me and got my brain clogged and now I am paralysed. So seriously F [to stand for the F word], T = the and W’s B = Writer’s block.

I’ll write. Yes, I shall write. I shalt write. I am writing… errr typing.

  • I’ve read books to “lift off” this so called W’s B, didn’t work.
  • I’ve watched movies – the one with Clive Owen playing Hemingway. Still didn’t work.
  • I’ve read fellow bloggers’ blogs – still no work.
  • I’ve tried being creative by taking pictures [to keep the count for my blog posts], I ran out of creativity. So, yes… that, too, didn’t work.
  • I’ve looked at the blank page that simply stares back at me with little icons one “Add New Post” on the top – didn’t get me to writing.

So seriously, before I give up on writing altogether [in the hope of getting this writer’s block unblocked], I’m taking the road less traveled and writing whatever comes to my mind – until my mind runs on empty.


a Poet’s clog

23 Oct

A writer’s block is equal to A poet’s clog… says who – says s1ngal. Although, a poet is a writer too and hence it’s a-okay for em to have a writer’s block but I’d still want to come up with a similar phrase. Hence, the poet’s clog. Author’s gridlock! Screenwriter’s cork! Speaker’s choke! s1ngal’s broke! All right, I’ve run out of my phrasal creativity.

So now, why the poet’s clog and how. It’s been a while since I have wanted to write a poem on a metaphorical storm that seemed to be brewing out there. When I’m not typing on my keyboard, it seems easy to be writing this poetry in my mind. However, the moment I step up to actually WRITE it, it never gets done. NEVER! It’s a total clog!

Last Saturday, this metaphorical storm was supposed to hit us. We prepared for it, planned way ahead as to who would be responsible for what. We had our emergency kit  ready, our evacuation procedures in place and then we braced ourselves. We were ready for the storm to hit us – and us, we waited. It was quiet, kind of eerie quiet and I knew this was the calm before the storm.

the calm

The calm lasted a bit too long for us to realise there wasn’t going to be any storm. We were devastated. The storm never came. Despite knowing that it would have been a disaster had this metaphorical storm hit us, we still felt bad – like we were robbed/ deceived/ cheated.

Were we sad because the storm never came? Or… Were we sad because we had prepared so much for nothing? Had the wait been so agonizing that a brutal storm could have felt better? Is it the knowing that we never got to know what would have happened, that caused the pain? What devastated us more, we know not.

Did we want this?

Being human means being confused, it’s what we’re eternally condemned for, I guess.

The preparation, the wait, the calm, the eerie quiet, the unbearable stillness of (storm) brewing – all added up so much that my only way out was to write ONE poem. Which, too, like the storm, never happened. At the end of the day, like they say “one man’s poison is another man’s cure” and so it happened – the poetic poison became the blogging cure.

Some day, I may be able to pen a poem on the pain of the wait for nothing but for now, I’m happy I’ve got something to post.

9 Drafts and counting…

21 Aug

I can spell dry –




No, I’m not going through a dry spell – I have 9 droughts drafts to prove that.


Alright, alright –> it does look like a dry spell. But I’m not going through a writer’s block, I still have the 9 drafts.



Dry spell image source

blocks image source

One more 5

3 Aug

5 Things you can do on wordpress.com on your bad-hair-day, which for a blog-writer (?! if I may call myself one) could be writer’s blog block. Well that’s what happened to me today. Now because this – as in “writer’s block” – happened to me, I’m confirming myself as a writer. Come to think of it, if I weren’t a writer would I have a writer’s block? 😀 Happy as a clam can be at high water!!!

And back to the 5 things you can do [what I’ve been doing today] on wordpress.com:

  1. Check  “Freshly Pressed” as much as possible [even though you start to find that “freshly” may not be as freshly].
  2. When you read the “Freshly Pressed” blogs,  “like” it if you like it. If not, check the bloggers who’ve “like”d it and then see if you can “like” their blog instead. [Trust me I don’t mind calling myself a veteran at this practice].
  3. “Follow” the bloggers if you think you “like” them more than just the post that you’re on. But for this you need to go through at least a few of their posts. [What do you think I was doing all this time?] NOTE THE bing‘d graphic below and you’ll know exactly who to “follow” 😀
  4. “Sign out” ~ you need a break [especially if you’ve been doing this for the last 31 hours]. Once you “Sign out” visit your own blog [I’m sure you know how to do this. Well for instance, remember this blog & visit it everyday —-> s1ngal.wordpress.com]. 
  5. “Sign in” again as yourself and check your stats. Smile at the increase of “views” and maybe that will inspire you to get out of your “block”. If not, repeat steps 1 to 5. If that doesn’t work out, post a blog on 5 things you experienced while doing steps 1 to 5. But DO NOT PLAGIARISE. Use your own words.

    I am sincerely hoping you’ll find these advice quite helpful. It has helped me [to at least have 1 post for today].

[The graphics I’ve bing’d have been linked with their respective source. I couldn’t “tag” the source because I don’t know how to do it the list-numberings were getting affected].

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