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Travel Theme: WHITE

21 Sep

WHITE is my favourite colour. Thank you Ailsa @ http://wheresmybackpack.com/ for bringing out a theme related to MY favourite colour. I have loved every theme since I came across your blog and this time it’s become *personal*.

Although my pictures are ONLY related to white (for now), the actual theme is ALSO related to The International Day of Peace. For more details, please visit this blog –> http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/20/travel-theme-white/.

 *white* in itself becomes quite *blank*, like a canvas. It’s only when a colour is added, does *white* actually stand out as *WHITE*.

…well, it’s amazing how wonderful it makes me feel to see Mother Nature’s best creation adorned in WHITE.

PS. Ailsa, I’ll definitely try to get some more *White* photos in line with the real theme i.e. PEACE for the International Day of Peace. I promise.

Travel Theme: Texture

14 Sep

At first when I saw the “Texture” theme, I thought I’d pass. I’m not a photographer, not even an amateur [I probably have confessed this earlier and I -if the confession hasn’t been done – see no harm in repeating my confession because things haven’t changed much.] Being a click-and-run person, *texture* seemed too big a theme for me… until…

…I donned on my thinking cap and flung open the camera lens [adding a little textual drama here], I realised I might be able to find some “texture” somewhere. Thank you Ailsa for yet another eye-opening challenge.

Check out the real deal on the said theme right here —> http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/14/travel-theme-texture/

As for me, this is how I see [read: Click] “texture”.

First: A Plant with a Texture

a plant that rings *texture*

Last: A Mounting Texture

“Welcome” the mountain reads

I might [or might not] submit more pictures later. I’ve noticed that once the “theme” begins, I am on “high alert” about the “theme”. Last week, RED haunted me so much that this time around I’ll be walking around with my camera.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

10 Sep

Part II: My second attempt at NEAR and FAR

Whoever said only babies happen [accidentally] *from the backseat*, well I know photos do, too… and here’s a proof. NEAR I am to the “driver”, FAR is the car ahead…

from the backseat…

Travel theme: Red

8 Sep

Somehow, I had never been fascinated by RED and so seeing this week’s Travel Theme: Red, got me into deep thinking… and it was amazing to see so many REDs around me… Had it not been for this theme, I’d have never been able to see RED the way I see it now. Hearty thanks to Ailsa @ http://wheresmybackpack.com and her *theme*

You’ll find the genius of red here –> http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/09/07/red/ and someone trying to make a feeble attempt below:

McDonald’s is so strongly associated with Red for me that…. I had to post it here

McDonald’s is definitely red [and yellow]

I also happen to have painted my nails red [while travelling]

another RED [and yellow]

Can there be a better way to finish than with some DESSERT…

strawberry syrup – definitely RED


8 Sep

Just after I made my first sumbission to SUNDAY POST: Reflection, it’s already time for another SUNDAY POST: Morning…. I’m not a morning person, so this one’s the most difficult post I have had to work on… 😀

Check Jake’s amazing morning photos here –> http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/09/08/sunday-post-morning/

For me, a morning is completely incomplete without a cup of tea…

that’s TEA, trust me 🙂

and a little stretch [for exercise], I’m lazy to the BONE 😀

my morning stretch. I know the picture is bad and it’s only because I’m not the photographer 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: Near and Far

7 Sep

I’m not a photographer ~ no, not even an amateur. I just click photos when I travel. I’m soon going to abide by the tips given in http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/09/07/weekly-photo-challenge-near-and-far/ and try posting better pictures…. Well, until then here’s how I see NEAR and FAR.

the hike’s just begun. The bridge is NEAR but destination a little FAR.

behold the bird is NEAR but getting FAR away…

Travel Theme: Curves

7 Sep

Little late…. and then I thought “Better late than never”… So here’s my idea of “curve”



I was trying to capture both the curves ~ the train’s as well as that of the railway lines [then, I didn’t know I might be using it here :)]
I have no idea what happened to the original pic, so I’m posting the edited version 😦

If these curves are *unsatisfying*, you can always visit Alisa’s http://wheresmybackpack.com/2012/08/31/travel-theme-curves/

and also this –>http://firstandfabulous.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/travel-theme-curves/ yes you’ll find Ms. Monroe here 😉


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