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On a Day Like This [an unanticipated sequel]

13 Aug

I mean who’d have thought I’d be waking up to an award after a day like /on-a-day-like-this/ By the way before my morning green-tea coffee [coffee sounds better], I wordpress – I know I’m a loser but what the heck.

Anywhoa, I did get the Reader Appreciation award courtesy *the best blogger in town* Ms. The Lunatic …and I woke up *wide awake* happier… [I’ve never NEVER ever won anything my entire life, not even a flipping *scrabble* match and it almost became a little difficult to accept it at first]

…and it was then that I realised I wasn’t ready with my acceptance speech.

Well so I began working on the rules [there are some rules]: for details please visit my previous post —> /the-reader-appreciation-award/ Working on the rules gave birth to my 41st post which got a *Like* even before I had time to get a look at my own post – post publishing. Sky was beginning to be the limit for my sky-rocketing happiness.

However, the most important part of it all is how unprepared I was. I mean I grew up with Award-fantasies be it the Oscars or the Golden Globe or the BAFTA or the Grammy… Mind you, it wasn’t necessarily because I was working towards any of those awards but because I loved the “acceptance speeches”. So my award-fantasies were actually about the speeches and not merely the awards. And when the part came where I had to “show appreciation to the blogger who awarded you”… my ultimate-fantasy come true… to speak out the words like “I’d like to thank my mom and dad…..”  The words didn’t come out… I was completely floored with overwhelm-ation… If you think I’m making a fuss about nothing, well you didn’t see me sweat on my keyboard and stare at the screen for H.O.U.R.S.

At the end of the day, it was nice to wake up to a day like this immediately after a day not-quite like this. That makes me live the single LIFE. The unpredictability of unbalanced depression, delusion and delight.

Image Source: http://robertadeiana.ifunnyblog.com/awardacceptancespeeches/

P.S. A speech in time saves nine (hours of staring at your laptop’s screen) 😀 😉 😉

oN a dAY liKE tHIS

12 Aug

on a [SAD] day like this

On a day like this, when I wake up I want to go right back to sleep. There was a time when I looked forward to Sundays so much that I couldn’t even sleep the previous night. Sleeplessness is still there but the reason has changed from anticipation to anxiety.

On a day like this, I look out for a greener pasture. Maybe, if I weren’t *single*…..


On a day like this, I remember one of my buddies who got married at 17. We all, i.e. her friends, knew it was a disaster. We were wrong. She was married to a gem of a person. 5 years later, she thought we were actually right. It came as a BIG shock for us, the friends. At 23 she filed for a divorce. As soon as the divorce got through – practically on the same day – she got married again. She didn’t live a single life even for a day. Apparently she could no longer be happy with a Gem of a person, she moved to metal – a platinum of a person. We all, i.e. her friends, didn’t know what it was. We were in a shock and aftershock simultaneously.

She confessed to us, the friends, how much she loved Platinum and how real it was. We, the friends, agreed later when we realised how happy she was with Platinum. My friend in context is more like “Mary” from “There’s Something About Mary” [She attracts men like flies]. She confessed [more discreetly this time] to me, the friend, about getting into the second marriage way too quick. I resisted the urge to say “I told you so.”



On a day like this, I remember her second confession. Her second confession had a hint of  “If only I were single….” but obviously nowhere did it mean “I’m sad I’m married”.

On a day like this, I know no matter what we are, where we are, who we are, we do linger on the “What ifs….”. Not only because we are sad but also because the grass may always look greener on the other side.


Image Source:





12 Aug



Image Source: I clicked this picture off a billboard few years back. My apologies as I was silly enough [or rather overwhelmed enough] to have completely ignored the source. I saw this picture and lost complete sense of everything else. I can still feel the effect this picture had on me, then. [N.B. the words are mine.]


funny 5

11 Aug

Laughter is the best medicine. Even if it’s not, what am I supposed to do? Anywhoa, it’s not very easy to crack me up… that’s a warning. However, some jokes I’ve read/ heard in the past have got stuck and I recite these at every opportunity. I’d love to share them with you. Here they are ——>

These 5 JOKES  have always CRACKED ME UP, when I’m down and also when I’m not down.

Jokes No. 1 and 2

I read this in Reader’s Digest a long long back. It’s just got stuck.

Conversation between a Grandma and a little girl (of 4 I guess)

Girl: I know the v-word and the F-word.

Grammy: [trying to hide the shock] So what is it?

Girl: The v-word is vomit.

Grammy: [relieved] What’s the F-word then?

Girl: Frow up.

Isn’t it just awwwwww-some???

…Another one from RD again

A prisoner digging his way out of prison finds himself in a children’s playground. He looks around and is simply happy as a camper. He starts yelling “I’m Free, I’m Free”

A little girl looks at him [puzzled] and says “So what?? I’m four.”

Awwsome again, I know.

Joke No. 3

Powerful motivational-speaker: “Most of  my wonderful years were spent in the arms of a woman who wasn’t my wife…”  The audience gasped. “She was my mom,” he added.

One man in the audience tried to copy this at home.

Man to his wife: “Most of my wonderful years were spent in the arms of a woman who wasn’t my wife…” He forgot the rest. “I can’t remember who it was,” he added.

He didn’t see his wife on the first day. Neither could he see her on the second day nor the third. Finally on the fourth day, he could see his wife through the corner of his swollen-eyes lying on the hospital bed.

Joke No. 4

Q. Why do some people prefer BMW to Chevrolet?

A.  Because they can spell it.

Joke No. 5

Once upon a time, there was a “truth” Mirror. This mirror had magical power. If anyone told a lie while looking into this mirror, that person would vanish into thin air.

One day Kirsten Stewart stood in front of this mirror and said “I think I didn’t cheat on R’Patt.” Poof! She vanished. [don’t we wish]

Next came R’Patt [wow! what luck!!], he said –> “I think I look better than Taylor Lautner”. Poof! He joined his ex.

Then walked in Kim Kardashian, “I think….” Poof!

i DO NOT like adult jokes or is it the “dirty” jokes… If you’ve got one/ two or more…. do share [CLEAN ONES ONLY *puh-leeeeez*].

Dry My Tears

10 Aug

Last evening, I was sitting in a small cafe fighting valiantly against ‘writer’s block’ – fruitlessly. A little later, a mom and a son came and sat in a table nearby. The child was chatty (which one isn’t) and I loved the meaningless questions coming out from his innocent lips (too poetic?? O well). After about 10 minutes or so, a car parked in front and out rushed 3 slightly on the heavier side and  don’t-mess-with-us looking ladies. Obviously, I looked away.

To my horror, they joined the mom and the son. It was amazing to realise how sweet the ladies turned out to be. The heftiest took the child away and was busy playing with him. It was unbelievable for me who’d done the mistake of judging a book by its cover. A closer look and I saw that the mom was in tears. The two ladies flanked the mom and didn’t leave her side.

The scene  was so touching. Neither the ladies nor the mom exchanged many words but there were nods in between. It looked as if the sobs were being approved.  It was as if they were having a telepathic conversation – obscure, maybe, to a cynic single girl like me. The only time I heard the “ladies” was when the child would join them and ask something.

It struck me then, I am living a single life by choice. And by single, I mean I’ve burnt all bridges when it comes to family and relatives. I have a handful of friends and that too only because they don’t know how to take “NO”  for an answer. I don’t know what had befallen the “mom” but I wonder if anything were to happen to me, will I have 3 heftier-than-thou friends flanking me, supporting me more with gestures than words? OR will I be crying alone flanked by the four ever-understanding ever-quiet walls? [Questions]

[Answers—> time will tell]

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9 Aug

No, don’t ask me where I am

How far in the distance I’ve gone

Don’t utter, why I did this

Not even what I’m doing

Or who I’m with…

But if you must, ask me how I am.

Whatever that I have become

Wherever that I may be dwelling

And if it all may count some day

If it’d be worth it…

The answers I know

I do not wish to answer,

And of the unknown I too seek.

For where I am, I can’t see it

Far enough into the future.

Where I dwell, I don’t have time

Brooding in the moments, gone.

So all I’ll tell you is I am living

Breathing in and out

Clinging to the bread I get…

Feeds sprout from the ground

Water spout from all around

Horizon is what I follow.

Sun keeps company, Moon lullabies.

Cold blankets me in winter

Heat warms me in summer

In autumn, I yearn; in spring, I dance.

Come what may, I can take it all

So if you must, know I am happy

And know I’m free…

Phive Phantastic Poems

8 Aug

EFFECTS OF POEMS in my life:

I’m not much of a ” poem” person but there are some poems which have stuck with me through thick and thin. Some I had to study as part of lessons in school/ college, some I stumbled upon randomly. When I talk to people, I refer to these poems often (very very often) and so it gives them an impression that I AM A POEM PERSON. However, if the same people were to listen to me time and again, they’d soon realise that I don’t have the 6th poem to refer to 😀 and frankly speaking there is no need either.

And here I am with the 5 repeatedly referred to poems. Believe me, if you know these 5 then you too can live I-am-a-poem-person life *happily ever after* I’ve done it so far….

1. He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven by W B Yeats

I must’ve come across this poem during my adolescence. Those were the days I dreamed with eyes wide open and the last line of this poem caught my wide-opened eyes. For me this is a poem of “wish” and “wishful-thinking” and I refer to it for all the wish-talks. 🙂

2. If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda

There was a phase when I was in love with everything South American. I woke up wishing I were a South American. I was smitten. Well the one thing I am absolutely proud of about this obsession was my encounter with Pablo Neruda. I love all his poems and I’m *publishing* this one because I really wish I had written it. I wish I could understand Spanish so as to be able to read his poems in their original language.

3. The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost

I had posted this poem here earlier. This is my much much referred to Poem of all times. Many daredevils or eccentric people who’re inclined to English Literature must’ve been doing the same. It’s one of the most inspiring poems ever (for me – the most super-eccentric being ever to have stepped on the road not taken).

4. Much Madness is Divinest Sense by Emily Dickinson

I had to study Emily Dickinson along with other poets and of the many amazing poems of hers, this one’s stuck to me. This is my sort of biggest defence against my unique sense.  I have been able to preserve my silly-sensible-self and even be proud of it, thanks to this poem by Ms. Dickinson.

5. The Unknown Citizen by W H Auden

Sometimes I take a step back from my nonsensical life and I remind myself of this poem and how true it rings every passing day. This poem does scare me and it nudges me lightly (and always without any impact). Because at the end of the day I am an unknown citizen, which is when I start wishing otherwise and that’s when the poem on top comes handy 😀

The sources of the poems are linked in the title. I’ve bing’d them from different sites as it became quite a daunting task to type them all here. I hope you’ll enjoy the poems and knowing these poems you’ll know me a little better. These poems have left a deep impression in me and my life and thus, to a certain extent, define who I am.

Good at being BAD

7 Aug

Once I read somewhere –>

In a country of blinds, the one-eyed man is stoned to death.

….And here come the stones…

Ouch! I’m bleeding, nearing the end with each hit.

All I wish for now is a quicker death.

When you are [a one eyed man] pointing a gun, remember that some MILLION stones are showering your way.



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Unfinished Five

6 Aug

I love reading, I always have. I read when I’m lonely/ bored/ sleepy/ tired/ excited and any other time I can think of. I read anything written in black and white, in print or online. However, there are some books I have started but never got around to finish. No disrespect for the books, whatsoever, but I’ve come to an agreement that sometimes you just can’t finish reading what you’ve started.

1. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

Growing up, I fell in love with Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn and not to forget David Copperfield – the first book that brought me to tears. I read few other Charles Dickens and then began Great Expectations. I borrowed it from the library, returned it months later unable to go beyond the first few chapters. Years later I found this book in my friend’s collection, borrowed it again and returned it (again) without finishing it. Again years later, I bought the book and it’s lying somewhere, still unfinished.


2. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez

I borrowed ‘Love in the time of Cholera’ from a friend, read it, loved it and then started hunting for other books by the same author. The title of the book “One Hundred Years of Solitude” along with the familiar author’s name lured me into buying it. I kept shuffling the pages, back and forth, for about a year. Then one day a friend borrowed it and hasn’t returned it yet.

3. The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho

I was entranced by this book right from Page 1. It was an easy read and I kept turning the pages until I realised I was on the last chapter. I stopped. I have no intention of finding out what happens next or how it ends. I’ve left it unfinished, intentionally. Someday when I retire I’ll finish the last chapter – let’s say I am saving it for a rainy retired-day.

4. Life of Pi by Yann Martel

This is one book which I’ve finished reading but the reason it’s made it into the list of my ‘Unfinished five’ is because I have skipped one little part while reading this book. On my first few attempts, I could not read beyond the part when the hyena starts eying the zebra. Finally I detoured a bit by skipping the whole part there and finally finished it and haven’t regretted it ever since. I may never read that little part and yet it’s become one of my favourite books.

5. The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

I bought this book after falling in love with what was going on in the first page. [Confession: I never read the back cover of the book, normally where there’s a little bit about the book. I buy books on impulse.] I began reading and couldn’t stop grinning ear to ear and then after few rapidly turned pages, it came to a halt. It took me months to finish the first part and till date I haven’t started the second part.

Is it necessary to finish reading every book that you start? I love all these five books – be it the author or the title or the first few pages I’ve read. I have begun loving these books even more so for the sense of mystery they bring about and I promise to finish them someday [once I find their replacements] 😉 


wordpress vs. World Pressure

5 Aug

Oh how I wish life out there were just the way it’s in here?! There’s a big beautiful world in here compared to a Big Bad world out there. Want some proof?

The beautiful world of “wordpress” Continue reading


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