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The Reader Appreciation Award: For real

13 Aug



: Pinch: : Pinch:

:Ouch: :Ouch:



:tears of joy:

Anywhoa, one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do or at least try to do. I’m bad, pathetic and I may not even deserve it 😥 But there’s always a “FIRST” and although I know I DO NOT DESERVE this award now, I’ll make sure I’ll be deserving enough in futurospect. Pulling up my socks high, higher [ooops, it’s turned into stockings] and higher still.

The rules of this nomination:

  1. Identify and show appreciation of the blogger who awarded you.
  2. You must add the award logo to your blog.
  3. Tell your readers 7 things about yourself.
  4. You must nominate 5-10 of your favorite bloggers for this award.
  5. Inform your nominees that you nominated them.

Identify and show appreciation of the blogger who awarded you.

Thoughts of a Lunatic : Dig that??? Mind you, she isn’t an ordinary blogger, she’s one FRESHLY PRESSED helluva blogger. [That’s the identification part.]

Showing Appreciation Part:

when words don’t seem enough….

[NB. My words could never have done justice to show appreciation for “Thoughts of a Lunatic” so the space above is reserved for my *feeling of appreciation*… Miss Lunatic, the feelings runneth over…]

You must add the award logo to your blog.

I think it’s there. It wasn’t easy doing that.

Seven things about me:

1. I’m not a writer and unfortunately I came to know this only after I started writing.

2. I’m the kind of a person you can absolutely rely on to “jump up high” and “dance and twirl” in your joy. I don’t know how I do it, I just do it. I didn’t realise how important this trait was until I found out that my very-good-friends would actually wait for me to break their good news [be it a scholarship or a positive strip in a pregnancy test kit].

3. I like traveling but  dread the *Departure* section at the airport. However, it’s quite the opposite in the other *Arrival* Section – love it here more. I wish I could arrive all the time and never depart, just to see the good-to-see-you-back hugs.  [PS. I don’t allow anyone to neither come pick me up nor see me off at the airport. I always travel alone].

4. In 2010, I took on a bet to shave my hair [go 1 on the trimmer]. There were only two of us – my friend with the *trimmer* and me and I desperately wanted to record this moment of insanity. So I tied my camera around his head with a bandana [LOL in retrospect] and turned the cam on. After the ordeal was over, I fond out, to my horror, the *record* button wasn’t pressed properly. To summarise, I like taking bets that make no sense.

5. I love reading people’s T’s. [An anecdote on this: I was reading this guy’s T and couldn’t make any sense. The words were all over the place, something like this – BYT HET I MEY OUR… Determined on my passion, I kept at it and finally decoded it (Yaye!). It read – By the time you read this, I would have checked your tits.]

6.  I can listen to one song repeatedly for months and months and even years. At the moment, you’ll find me listening to “Make you feel my love” sung by Adele.

7. I am single, by choice, but have my doubts [about the choice] every now and then.

My nominations [in no specific order]:

Confusion+time [http://davidclunas.wordpress.com/] His photographs are timeless and his titles are beautifully apt. I’m glad I’m *follow*ing him

The Young Plum [http://theyoungplum.wordpress.com/] YOU need to check his blog and find out for yourself i.e. if you haven’t already done it.

Mustand Koji[http://p47koji.wordpress.com/] This blog isn’t a regular ranting/ random blogging kind, or that’s how I’ve felt. You get to read about World War II, if not straight from the horse’s mouth.

Katlaire [http://hilariouslyeverafter.wordpress.com/] Yes, opposites do attract. I read/ *Like*/ *Follow* her blog as hers is the side with the lush and greener grass. Her posts are funny and quite insightful [for me].

Fortyteen Candles[fortyteencandles.wordpress.com] Another hilariously witty blog. Love her, love the way she writes. She’s vacationing at the moment [if I’m not wrong].

My Life in Lists[http://listuniverse.wordpress.com/] If you love lists,  you’ll love her. If you don’t love lists, you’ll still love her.

The Lunatic [http://thoughtsofalunatic.wordpress.com/] Bending the rule and ONLY because I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU/ YOUR BLOG as a READER and there’s no way I’m not going  to nominate you [even if you’ve got the award already 😀 ]

Inform your nominees that you nominated them. 

I’m on it.

PS. If you’re wondering why [oh why] has “THOUGHTS OF A LUNATIC” nominated me for “THE READER APPRECIATION AWARD”, just know that I’m wondering alongside you.


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