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Sacred Memory

4 Dec

I grew up secular with my atheist dad.  So, I can’t recall any memory that could mean sacred.  However, I do remember  an incident where, in my pre-teens, I did get initiated into a SACRED circle.

We had just moved to a new town and so the idea of a new neighbourhood was super exciting for me.  I was a curious kinda nerd eager to explore the neighbourhood and forget the fact that I was a nerd.  The best place about moving to a new place is that one can start anew.  I didn’t want to be the nerd anymore and this was the break I needed.

Soon enough I became friends with a girl not quite next door.  I was floored by this new girl and her effervescent personality.  I immediately knew I had to be friends with her.  After all she was everything I wasn’t and this was the break I was desperately looking for.  I wanted to tell the world that we were BFFs but only I knew it better.  Instead I began biding my time for the right moment.

She couldn’t be BFFs with me until her friends approved.  She spoke of her friends the way I would have spoken of her.  She was in all awe of her friends.  She told me how cool all the girls were.  There were four of them in the “gang” – the cool gang.  Then she told me that the four of them made the sacred circle.  She wasn’t very confident if I would be accepted in the “circle” but she convinced me she’d do her best to get me in.

Finally, the day came for my initiation.  All morning I had been bugging my new friend to give me tips on how to confirm my position into the circle.  Suddenly, she was very mum about the whole thing, after all she said this was sacred. Then it was that time.  I was asked several questions on stuff I no longer remember… I answered with confidence [nerd that I was, it was relatively easier than I had thought].  Then the final hurdle.  I had to smoke pot.  What did they know!!!  I happened to be the kinda nerd who loved all things pot.

I was initiated.

The magic was gone.

I left the sacred circle.

It was all childish, very very childish.  The only thing I regret is how I had waited with abated breath to be a part of the sacred circle.  And with all things that you set very high expectations, the return can always be devastatingly charmless.  And thus, once I made into the circle, I realised they were as ordinary as I was and no amount of pot could change that fact.

Daily Prompt: Sacred

Disintegrating the Panoply

3 Dec

Panoply = Pa No Ply… this one’s like a request to Pa not to Ply…

Panoply = Pan o’ ply… this one’s like pan of fly (with a slip of the tongue lips)

Panoply = Pa Nop Ly… this is like threatening Pa not to lie anymore but like in “texting” language

Panoply = Pano Ply… this is like someone yelling “Piano Play” in an accent unheard of.

Panoply = Pan up Lee… this is like monopoly with a pan… errrrr… well this one could be the real panoply… like the real real panoply…

noun: panoply; plural noun: panoplies
  1. an extensive or impressive collection.
    “a deliciously inventive panoply of insults”
    synonyms: array, range, collection

    “the full panoply of America’s military might”

Disclaimer: I post posts like the one above when I’m at my wit’s end.  It is also important to note here that I’m usually at my wit’s end… it’s like my wit’s always at end and so it often is a wonder why I’m blogging… errr or rather pretending to blog… But then again, this is just a disclaimer.  Peace Out!

via Daily Prompt: Panoply

Oh Echo

1 Dec



WEYKOH…. EYKOH… EYKO… EKO… KO… KO… O…. O….. O…. o……. o…………

OR is it this way…?



WEYKOH…. WEYKO… WEYK… WEYK… WEY… WEY… EY…. Ey….. ey…. ey…….


Echo [???] – a gecko without the /ɡ/


Echo friendly [?!?] – Eco friendly with an ‘h’


There are days when the moment you LOOK  0_0 at the prompt and words swoop rushing in… and then there are days when you LOOK, stare, LOOK on, stare on, on and on and on and on until you wish that sights could start echoing… but sights no make echos, only sounds make them so… and so once again a post that makes less than zilch meaning.

And once again… yes I write to write… and Daily Prompts do help.

via Daily Prompt: Echo

Faded Mystery

30 Nov

Last weekend, I decided to get my wardrobe winter ready.  It isn’t a difficult process, actually.  It’s just one big box needs to be unboxed and unpacked and I have my winter clothes ready.  However, this otherwise-would-have-been-a-piece-of-cake exercise became quite taxing because I couldn’t find the box that needed unboxing and unpacking.

Instead I found another box… the label on it faded. For a long time I wasn’t even sure if it was mine.  Anyway, because there was no one around, I opened it and lo-and-behold, the box was mine, indeed.  The first thing you’ll find in any of my boxes is of course a diary.  If I were to collect all my diaries – used and unused, presented or bought… they are just far too many and I find them everywhere… especially inside anything that is packed/ sealed.

Apart from the diary, there were a few stuff inside this “box”.  Although, I remembered most of the articles in it, I did find a scarf which may not have belonged to me.  I found a printed scarf.  I’m more of a non-printed kind-of-I-prefer-plain person.  Non of my scarves are printed, they are all plain or at most monochrome.  So, there was this faded scarf… the colours are all weird too [with reference to my monochrome taste]… there’s a bit of blue, a bit of purple, a bit of yellow, a bit of orange, tiny pink bits [hearts… believe you me]…

Every time I find an old item [be it clothes or diaries or just about anything], I remember how I had acquired it… these things are the object of my time-travel.  But, this scarf rang no bell… the memories are way more faded than the scarf itself.  If this was a gift, I would have remembered for sure.  If I had borrowed it from someone, I’d have definitely remembered that too.  Well, so I must have bought it on some buy-printed-scarf-for-a-change impulse.  Yes, very plausible, because I do act on such impulse once in a while.

Then my memory starts playing games with me.  According to this memory, I vaguely remember trying this scarf on and thinking to myself “I must try print”I don’t know if my mind is making up this memory or if that really is the memory of this scarf.  That remains a mystery…

via Daily Prompt: Faded

Daily Prompt: Culture

29 Nov

If Turkish [a character from the film Snatch] were to answer to today’s daily prompt… this is how he might do –>

What do I know about Culture?  I was a happy boxing promoter…

However, I’m not Turkish [neither from the film nor of that descent].  So for me culture could mean many many things…. I’ll try to point out 5 of those, just to fit in MY 5 category.

  1. Agriculture The culture that gives us our “daily bread”
  2. Horticulture This culture gives us flowers, I believe
  3. Yogurt cultures These are the bacteria that are apparently used in making yogurt
  4. Blood culture This one is “…a test that looks for germs such as bacteria or fungi in the blood…” [source]
  5. Culture Shock: [Dictionary meaning]

    noun the feeling of disorientation experienced by someone when they are suddenly subjected to an unfamiliar culture, way of life, or set of attitudes.

via Daily Prompt: Culture

Vim n Vigor

28 Nov

The moment I saw today’s prompt, I thought of one comic-strip sort of on-paper-meme-thing from the past, when jokes weren’t related by memes.

Well this strip-meme [from the past] looked like this.  I’ll try to write the picture and although my word limit could be a thousand words, I’ll try to do it in half the words or maybe even lesser.

There are two parallel strips.

 The first one says “ABOVE 30”.  In this picture-strip, there’s a man full of vim and vigor on a Monday.  Tuesday, he’s slouches a bit.  Wednesday, he’s slouched further.  Thursday, he’s barely sitting straight.  By Friday, he’s sprawled on the floor, eyes drooping.  Saturday, he relaxes.  Sunday, he relaxes a little more.  Monday, he’s back with his usual vigor.

Image result for exhausted friday meme

           VS.     Image result for Monday to friday above 30 meme

The second one says “BELOW 30”.  In this picture-strip, there’s a young man slouching and looking dazed [with spiral eyes] on a Monday [sort of hungover].  Tuesday, he still has his slouch.  Wednesday, he’s slightly erect.  Thursday, he’s sitting straight.  Friday, he’s seen in his full vigor. Saturday, he drinks and drinks and drinks. Sunday, he drinks and drinks and drinks.  Monday, he’s back with his slouch.

So which category do you belong to [not age-wise] – Exhausted Monday or Exhausted Friday?  I surely belong to Exhausted-MondayToFriday  :wink wink:

Image Source: First Image “Otterly Exhausted”  Second Image “TGIF”

via Daily Prompt: Vigor

The colour Pungent

27 Nov

Some days you just can’t write… I have been living one of those such days.  Just to make writing a habit, I have been trying to come up with posts with the help of Daily Prompts.  What I write can be called deplorable and in my defense all I can say is – it’s only because i’m TRYING to make writing a habit… ha ha ha… yeah, heard that been there ?!?  Well once again in my defense –> THAT WAS my defense.

Anyway back to trying to making writing a habit…  back to trying to come up with posts with the help of Daily Prompt.


Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt. Not sure how to participate? Here are the steps to get started.

Well, last week there was a prompt “Aroma” and this was my response.  Here, I have mentioned my only “sense” that actually senses things properly – my olfaction sense. Therefore, I must say I know my pungent, I know pungent to such an extent that I can even see it.  If pungent had a colour, it would definitely resemble the mouldy purplish pus-ish bluish greenish rotting-brownish stinking-yellowish for sure… and that colour would rightly be called Pungent.

What would your colour Pungent look like??  <O_O>

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