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14 Nov

Hello all!!!

You must think I’m S1ngal but I’m not. I’m Y, I’m sure she’s written about me not that I had time to read her posts… Just that I’d seen my pic in one of her posts (while simply scrolling and exploring here). So yes, my name’s Y and don’t ask me why I was named why errr scratch that… I meant I dunno why I was named Y, I should have been named Y not… I mean just look at me…


Well, I’m not here to talk about myself… I may be cute and all but I’m definitely not vain. So yes, s1ngal’s been busy with me these past few days so she couldn’t blog much (although methinks I’m just another excuse). My guardians are coming to pick me up today and I’m super happy to be leaving for home again. But before you think otherwise, I must tell you s1ngal has been awfully nice to me. Trust me, that’s the only reason why I’ve decided to write this post while she’s away. Can you even begin to imagine how delighted she’s gonna be???

Indeed, some days she made me poo in her front yard and some days she tried to starve me to a size zero minus two or so it seemed then. In retrospect, she being this forgetful human being, it wasn’t entirely her fault. Having lived her entire life (Or is it her adult life???) on her own, that’s quite understandable. She’s kinda clueless about anyone but herself (without being selfish, I must add). That’s just HER.

Having said that, she did take care of me to the extent she could. She was amazing to live with for however long it’s lasted. She took me out regularly (at my initiative mostly but then again like I’ve said earlier, it’s NOT ENTIRELY HER FAULT). She let me run in the park, protected me from fierce looking peers and let me chase the gals, ahem. Once again, it wasn’t her fault that the “gals” snubbed me. Poor s1ngal did try her best, combed my hair everyday before and after my run-in-the-park time.

Every time I looked away from my mundane (guardian approved) food, she would be worried. A minute later if I still hadn’t touched the food, she gave me the yummiest treats. I’ll always love her for this. Also at night, she’d always tuck me to bed and then read her books by my side until I pretended to be fast sleep. She’d leavet the light on in my room and her door ajar. However, while she was fast asleep, I did go and check on her. After all, giant that she is (tho not as big as my giant guardians), she’s just too naive (how could she not make out I was only feigning sleep???)

Also, since she heard from Nikki (my lady guardian) yesterday, she’s been telling me about my return. I know I’ve at times unnecessarily troubled her but I’m not going to apologise. THAT’S JUST ME!!! Period.

Anyway, I’d been waiting since yesterday to do something in a way of acknowledgement and I’d thought of many different ways, too. At the end of the day, I thought it wise to blog about it in her own blog. So this is it.

Lastly, s1ngal = super nice lady!!! I can’t thank you enough for never letting my guardians’ absence felt… I’d come back to you any day a dog-sitter’s needed for me. Also, to all my canine family out there, if you need a sitter and if your guardian chooses s1ngal, you’re SURELY in luck!! Your bonus: you’ll be able to blog about it \m/

So many things

9 Nov

I haven’t blogged for ages and I can’t say it isn’t awkward doing it so now.
Hmm, now that the awkwardness part is.done and dealt with… So many things have happened from the time I stopped blogging. I can’t even say I remember all of them.

Anyway, as of now you’ll find me dog-sitting. Yes, I’ve been busy looking after “Y”. He’s a 13+ pomeranian, if I’m not wrong (on both counts i.e. his age and breed). Well, one might even wonder how it all came about. So here’s how!!

My friends (husband and wife) are travelling, not together though. They had to leave town and it wasn’t possible for either of them to take him along. A single friend does always come in handy on occasions like this. So there’s how!

However, my friends seem to have forgotten the very reason I am SINGLE. Couldn’t it be because I wanted to be by myself? Couldn’t it be because I didn’t want to look after anyone nor be looked after?? Couldn’t it be because I wanted nothing to do with being responsible???


A single friend is and I’m sure will always be an option for free dog-sitting. For she’s all by herself after all. For who else does she have to look after. For she has no responsibilities whatsoever. SHE’S SINGLE, after all.

I don’t understand why people fail to understand that I seek things they don’t and I don’t want things they want.


" Y "


And just because “Y” is oh so adorable, doesn’t in anyway mean I wouldn’t forget to feed him or take him pooping on time. no Just this morning I forgot to do the latter and now there’s one BIG evidential mess out in the yard.

the “They”

9 Nov

I’m living a single life – not always happy, not always sad either. It’s just living with the ups and downs through thick and thin by myself. If a beautiful girl, as I, wants to stay single – What’s their problem?

Everyone suddenly becomes more insightful than me, more knowledgeable. I let people be people. I’ve never imposed single-hood on every soul I see, NO NEVER. So what gives these no-longer-single the right to impose their couple-hood on me? Have I ever asked any of these “married”/ “in a serious relationship” people to become single like me?

oooooh yeah!!!

First case:

A middle-age colleague says that I must – mind you, MUST – get married. It’s the way of life.

I say, “Why”

He say, “Because you need company. You can’t live on your own. Now you can, because you’re fit and capable. What about later, old-age?”

I say, “I’ll deal with it when it comes. I can’t stop living knowing that I’ll die some day. Would you?”

He say, “But this is different. How can you choose to stay single? Do you know how difficult it is to live single?” [fyi, he’s been a widower for a few years now]

I say, “Look at you. You married but look at YOU, LOOK at YOURSELF, you ARE single…” I hated myself the moment these words came out.

He say, nothing.

Second case:

A thirty-something colleague says that I shouldn’t choose to live like this.

He says, “You can’t choose to live a single life… What kind of life is that?”

I says, “My kind of life…”

He says, “You’re healthy, capable….. now but what about later?”

I says, “I’ll be unhealthy, incapable…. later”

He says, “You’ve got to have some plan…. You’ll suffer later.”

I wanted to says, “Won’t you?” But I says, “I have plans… just that my plans don’t involve getting married.” I smiles. He no smiles.

What was the Second-case guy thinking? I mean, WHO doesn’t have a plan? We all have plans, don’t we? I have plans too – I’m not quite sure what they are now but I’m quite sure it can wait and it’s there – somewhere. Besides, many things I had planned earlier didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them to. Some of them were a disaster, some still are.

Also, both men mentioned that I’m healthy and capable [I’d like to take this opportunity to consider the comments a compliment. Sigh, it’s so rare, sigh again]. So, do they want me to be with someone in case I become unhealthy and incapable? Is that why they could have married? To make sure someone’s out there for them during their unhealthy and incapable times? Could that be their plan? So much for romance. Well, here’s the news – THEIR PLANS SUCK.

My plan rocks – “plan when a plan needs to be planned. If not, plan no plans. Single living HIGH thinking [aka living single and thinking about getting high] – There, I have a plan or rather I have Plan A. I’m high 😀


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

22 Sep

Dwoooops!!! This is my post on the very weekly-photo-challenge-solitary/

Solitary??? I am… IT. 

…the ride alone…

the flight alone

Blogging about Blogging

21 Sep

Thinking OUT LOUD

This is the most unthought-of POST that will ever be posted IN THIS *oh-so-fantastic* BLOG [ If you MUST go through it, then be warned and be considerate to CONSIDER IT A typed *throwing-up*!!!].

Why do I blog?

I thought I had a clue but actually I don’t.

Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging so that I would get into the habit of writing. Because I’ve always wanted to write. I tried writing, never worked so I started blogging.

Why THIS blog?

Because I am living a single life and I thought there are could be many singles out there tossing and turning about their single-hood. I wanted the single bloggers to know that one can be perfectly all right living a single life and be HAPPY.

No, I’m not a motivational speaker – ALTHOUGH – although I thought I could be one [when I was 11]. So this blog… this blog is a blog about a single girl trying to find a niche…. a single human being trying to find a niche…

Then I realised, it’s not just JUST because I’m single that I’m trying to find a niche [I love this word -niche- so please forgive me for using it 4 times already]. Life, as it happens, is uncertain for singles or anyone in the world. Ironically, life’s almost the same – YOU carry your individuality. You are always YOU [single or in a relationship]. The pursuit of *happyness* thus doesn’t come from living a single life or not. I am a proof. THIS BLOG is a proof.

Every other day I complain about life – it’s never got anything to do with me living a single life. I know in the hearts of my heart [how many hearts do I have, again? ;)], however much it had to do with me being single – the same would have happened if I were not single. I choose what makes me happy, I choose what makes me sad. This blog is about choosing what makes me sad and avoiding it completely.

To live a life, we need ~ friends/ a little money [to go buy]/ a book/ a blog/ an inspiration/ an aspiration/ a roof to live under/ a destination to reach/ a horizon to click/ a flower to smell/ the sky to look up to/ the sun to follow. I’ve found everything in this BLOG… and if I haven’t you definitely will.

What happened then?

Then I fell in love with so many bloggers and their blogs. These days I read more than I write. I read so much that I get inspired and then I keep reading until my eyes hurt. Some days I am unable to write [partly because of the writer’s block, maybe] but then I’m reading a lot, a lot lot. I look forward to poems, anecdotal stories, thoughts of a lunatic, the logic of pretzels and still there are so many of them. So what happened is, I realised blogging isn’t always about writing, it could very well be about READING.

These days I am worried about the next photo challenge ~ Weekly photo challenge, Sunday post, Travel theme ~ only because I AM ALLOWED to participate. There’s no one to tell me “I’m not good enough” even if I am not good enough. I’m just enjoying, let me enjoy and that’s what I do. I enjoy. I am never going to be a PROfessional photographer, I don’t want to be. As you can see, what happened is I started to enjoy posting the photos I have clicked.

I may write less but I’m definitely learning MORE. And there’ve been a lot of times when the post that I’m thinking about writing has just been posted. Think about intelligent minds thinking alike. So what do I do? I *like* the post and sometimes even *comment*. Needless to say, appreciation happened. Instead of sitting there with a frown, I’ve started liking the idea of like-mindedness. It just goes to show that I am NEVER alone and NEVER will be. Being single, however, is a totally different ballgame although with the ball always in my court.

What next, then?

Well, I’ll enjoy blogging… duh!!!

SUNDAY POST: Reflection

7 Sep

better early than late. but what do I get for being early??? Worms??? 😀 All right, all right I am making excuses for my lateness/ laziness, whatever/ whichever. Anyway just came across http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/sunday-post-reflection/ by sheer luck.

And here’s my reflection on *Reflection*

being single isn’t easy, all travel pics are or of the landscapes :sighs: and a self-portrait looks like this 😦

and the obvious: the landscape, of course

sky’s the Limit

4 Sep

if ADELE set fire to the rain, then the question is “Who set FIRE TO THE SKY???”


on be1ng s1ngle

25 Aug

Being Single

Before I forget the fact that this blog is about me being single, here’s a post on being single. I’ve been carried away as I have been writing for other categories [easier in comparison to this one]. The other categories may not always be about my single life.  If anyone stumbles into my blog, and going by the blog’s name, assumes this blog is about some wild rantings by and on a single-by-choice life, then I want them to find something meaty here. So this is one of many peeks into being single.

There was a time when I wanted to be single and here I am still wanting to be single.

Some things don’t change and am I happy about it.

Why am I happy?

–> Because being single lets me decide who I’d give up my single-hood for. You need not feel guilty even if you are eying someone who’s beyond you – as long as you’re single, you DO have a chance. I have my prospective eights [https://s1ngal.wordpress.com/2012/07/], to whom I’ve dedicated a post and struck a deal with [the deal’s been sealed, signed and approved from my end].

even with all the nudity… I DO guilt-less fancy you…

–> Because being single lets me lose weight easily. How? Well, I’m single and a bad cook, besides. But that’s not it. I’ve noticed one BIG difference between a single’s fridge and others’.  When you’re not single, there’s always food, always : I DARE YOU TO CORRECT ME, anyone??? So now imagine what happens to a pound-wise yet penniless s1ngal who comes back home to an empty fridge. She goes to sleep, empty stomach. Result – weight loss.


my mood or MY MOOD

–> Because my life depends on my MOOD. Anything can happen any-when. I make things happen. I want to blog, I blog – whether it’s dinner time, breakfast time,  3.11 am in the morning. Ican wake up in the middle of the night because I realise I’d forgotten to *like* the post that I’d actually liked.




–> Because the TV belongs to me. I can watch whatever I like and not just the recorded versions. I can turn it off at the 89th minute during a football match between Italy and Spain and go to sleep peacefully because I can always google the result, later.

the REMOTE’s mine, I WIN I WIN

–> Because I can talk to a life-sized Teddy who listens and agrees with me in respectful silence… and there isn’t anyone judging me for this. I carry it with me wherever I go, trust me Teddy doesn’t complain. It’s always there for a bear-hug and  turns into a pillow when mine falls off the bed.

more later… i.e. when i can think of some more “because…”

Trust me there are plenty more… because I’m single, I have decided to end

this post here, to be continued later (when I feel like it).

There – one more reason I’m happy being single.


21 Aug


I said, “Let’s have some fun”

“Go, kill the killjoy first”

She said.

My Lady Gaga moment !!!

RigHt HeRe

20 Aug

Right Here

Like in this picture i hold-
(evokes, evades and eludes)

Will you still be there,
when I have rounded the earth
when I have worn out
when I have exhausted?

When I return.
Will you dance with me
to the tunes we have danced before?
Will there be lights?

When the sun sets;
of the stars and the moon
or the green and the red
glittering and swaying,
will I find you here?

Even if you may have changed –
you may have a different name
a different face,
you may be just a new you,
the same you
or a different you.

I know you will be there
holding my hands
dancing to the tunes I’d danced before,
under the starlit sky
beneath the bright neons.
Whether I know you now
or if i’ll know you later,
I know you will be there.
I know you will be here.

Image Resource: Slow Dance


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