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Urgent is Nothing

17 Oct

From the time we are “conceived” or maybe even before that, life is all about urgency.  My parents met and then there we were – two children for them to take care of.  I’m sure they couldn’t wait for us to grow up and go away.

I see my friends – girls and boys alike, running from one direction to another, ticking away their boxes on their list.  Find a partner – tick.  Make some babies or at least one – tick.  Can’t make babies, seek medical help – tick.  Try IVF baby – tick.  Baby, yippiee – tick.  Baby crying – tick.  Baby babbling – tick.  Baby toddling – tick.  Baby speaking – tick.  Baby needs to go to nursery – tick.  Find a nursery – tick.  Baby needs to go to school – tick. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK…

All these tick-tick-tick could very well be the time ticking, because for everything there is a “time.” There is the biological clock, for instance.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Then there is…

“…promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Fortunately, for me there is no urgency… nothing is Urgent

The friends (and family), who are busy ticking away their boxes and feeling oh-so-accomplished, often look up from their list and look [down] at me.  What they see gives them shivers down their spine.  They see a “lone” woman, without a man/ woman (to love in sickness and in health, till death parts us), without a steady job, without a child, without a family to call her own, without any a.c.c.o.m.p.l.i.s.h.m.e.n.t.

Sometimes, they offer to find all “missing” elements that are missing from my life.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?????


via Daily Prompt: Urgent

Mila Kunis & Josh Lucas

7 Nov

I saw this Josh Lucas look-alike day before yesterday. It was strange – the resemblance. He even had that sexy nasal voice – yes I overheard him. Today, I saw him with his girlfriend – they were too close to comfort to be friends. Guess who she looks like – Mila Kunis. If the cafe had a bit more people than the three of us, I swear I’d have taken a picture of these Hollywood look-alike couple.

This is how they almost looked:

…as long as you understand what I’m trying to say with this pic…

This is what I love about my life. I may be wandering, I may be a nomad… at times I don’t know where I am going or if this is the path I should be walking on to reach where I want to reach… The best thing, however, is I am not looking forward to anything – which leaves me ample time to look around and notice things, notice people. I am like a child uncovering, discovering and rediscovering the mysteries of life. I may be broke, socially isolated and absolutely loving being single but the most beautiful thing is –  I AM LIVING. 

I live every second until it becomes a minute and then I live the minute and see it turn into an hour. I’m living each and every moment, maybe I don’t always enjoy it all but live – I DO. Isn’t that what life’s/ life should be all about??

s1ngal’s How-to Stay Cool

15 Oct
  • If you want to stay single by choice, you must be absolutely as insane as me.
  • If you want to stay single because someone’s ditched/ dumped/ cheated on/ betrayed you, then I’m sorry for you but being single may not suit you.
  • If you want to stay single thinking it’s cool, then hell you’re right… and I’ll show you how.

First and foremost, you must think it’s cool to stay single. It is cool and cold. You become the “cold one”, not as cold as the Cullen Family I guess. I mean people will consider you cold and you must convince yourself that cold means cool. By now if you’re not convinced about the cool pack your bags and run to Alaska and just understand *cool* or row to the Arctic (if that’s what it takes). Now think – …how easy it is to just pack and go… Know why? Because you’re single. Now you get my point, don’t you? Duh.

Robert Pattinson & the Cullen Family -> Image Source

The Coolest *Cold ones* ever 😀

Second reason it’s cool to be single is well… you’re always available. Especially for the hot ones. I mean, imagine being married [or in a relationship] and just then someone as hot and steamy walks up to you to warm that cold-ness you’ve so much prized… Sizzling… innit? So yea, being single leaves you ready to mingle. Ready as in when YOU are ready. How wonderful is that? Because trust me, as long as you’re single, there’s always a hope… a hope of someone really amazing bumping into you anytime, anywhere, anywhen and then sweeping you off your feet. 

I can spend all my life in singlehood, hoping to bump into him…

Reason number three: You can be broke and still be okay. It’s okay to be broke when you’re single because you can just sit it out – sit everything out. You can be home where you can be single OR you can be out and still be single. See??? No pressure!! If you’re too broke and you DO get kicked out of your rented apartment, crash in anywhere. Remember the *pack and go* benefit from the First reason. You can practically live off your suitcase. There, no pressure.

suitcase – your home!!!

Fourth reason why it’s great to be single is because it’s really great to be single. Wondering why? Well you can always dress to kill… Yes, you can always wear that low-neck very-revealing flimsiest-ever top/dress – the ones that your ever-jealous boyfriend/ ever-insecure husband would have NEVER approved of, yes the ones that make them jump and reach out for a stole to cover your assets. Darn!! Do you still not want to be single?

NO pho’os here, I’ll let your imagination do the talking :apologises profusely:

And now… Just Because, and only because I want this post to go in *MY5* category, am I going to present you the fifth and the FINAL reason why you should be single.

Need I say more…?

“She has been ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century… She is also, according to some assessments, the most influential woman in the world”. For more info –> go on wiki Oprah Winfrey and get inspired 😀

RigHt HeRe

20 Aug

Right Here

Like in this picture i hold-
(evokes, evades and eludes)

Will you still be there,
when I have rounded the earth
when I have worn out
when I have exhausted?

When I return.
Will you dance with me
to the tunes we have danced before?
Will there be lights?

When the sun sets;
of the stars and the moon
or the green and the red
glittering and swaying,
will I find you here?

Even if you may have changed –
you may have a different name
a different face,
you may be just a new you,
the same you
or a different you.

I know you will be there
holding my hands
dancing to the tunes I’d danced before,
under the starlit sky
beneath the bright neons.
Whether I know you now
or if i’ll know you later,
I know you will be there.
I know you will be here.

Image Resource: Slow Dance

the Reason

24 Jul


The reason I’m single isn’t because some jerk broke my heart. It isn’t because I’m scared or even scarred in some way when it comes to relationship.

The reason I’m single is because I don’t need a reason to be single. That’s just the way I am.

I grew up watching the chick-flicks and reading Mills & Boons, where “Tall, dark, handsome” boys fall for “Beautiful, slender, awesome” girls. Ever since, whenever I’d see good looking boys, instead of crushing in on them, I used to virtually imagine stories for them where some drop-dead-gorgeous girls would be waiting to be swept off their feet.

By the 10th grade, I had created some hundreds of love stories to be forgotten in time. Now when I think of it, I’m so meant to be a single writer. AND am I getting started???


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