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Daily Prompt: Argument art of?

8 Oct

via Daily Prompt: Argument
Daily Prompt: Argument

I am bad at arguing and I hate arguments.

I am bad at arguing because I am a blurt-devil.  However, that’s not the reason why I consider myself bad at arguing.  The worst bit is post-arguing, I have this amazing capacity to recall every word that went back and forth between me and my rival arguer.  I even see the characters involved in arguing (myself obviously included) as if I can pan in and out the arguing scene, turn up and down the volume of the words (for clarity… aaargh).  Like a film-editor, I have this amazing capacity to go through every film and see where bits need to be snipped and stuck elsewhere.  Well, if there was an arguing-editor, I’d be the best at it for sure.

I hate arguments because I have never won an argument.  Although there was a time I used to indulge in arguments for the sake of arguing – and believe you me these arguments are not worth arguing for, but there’s no rhyme or reason.  Anyway, I have grown out of such argument.

I wish there were crash courses in the “Art of Argument”.

ps. this is just me trying to get back into the habit of writing (yes, even if it means writing nonsense :sigh:   )




Sic sense

21 Oct

“Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne!…”

All I know is all auld acquaintance should not be forgot. Today, I am a bit sentimental. I am a little freaked out. Maybe it’s the above song’s affect.

This post actually is about my sixth sense or lack thereof. I’m pretty sure I have sic sense and sometime I highly doubt it. Amidst the clouds of doubt, I still wish I could read signs – the ones that save me from danger. Signs that make me help take the right decision, signs that lead me to buried treasure.

Maybe as I walk down the road today, I want to find a penny – head up. It takes me a long time to realise it’s a 1943 Copper Wheat Penny. For someone who doesn’t know a thing about  coin but believes in the luck that ensues finding a head-up penny, I walk a little further and aaaaa aaaaaaa atchoooo! and one more aaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa atchoooooo!! My nose starts to itch and lo and behold – I am standing right in front of a coin-collection store.

Snap out of that little daydream and into reality – right here and now. Nothing.

But I can read signs, I have intuition, I have the sixth sense – when it comes to birthdays. I can never forget people’s [especially friends/ frenemies] birthdays, ever. I dream of estranged friends/ ex-boyfriends/ frenemies – all out of the blue – without having them cross my mind… a little head-scratching and a “Why?”/ “How come?” gives me the answer – AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa, it’s eir birthday.

Today, I turned on my T.V. and then there’s this song – Give me Everything Tonight. My mind goes “The sign!!!” The sign!!!” My other mind goes “What sign?” “What sign?” ……and Voila!!! it’s TINY1’s birthday.

It’s good to have this birthday-alerts but I want more. I want to read signs that lead me to that buried treasure and then I want to see a dream that shows me exactly how to get there. After that, I want to find a penny that’s worth a lot of money [enough for me to buy all the tools et al that I may need for my treasure expedition]… I want, I want, I want… I want!!!!! I want 😦

[NB apologies, I do NOT have a clue as to what I meant to write or what I’ve written today]

Dry My Tears

10 Aug

Last evening, I was sitting in a small cafe fighting valiantly against ‘writer’s block’ – fruitlessly. A little later, a mom and a son came and sat in a table nearby. The child was chatty (which one isn’t) and I loved the meaningless questions coming out from his innocent lips (too poetic?? O well). After about 10 minutes or so, a car parked in front and out rushed 3 slightly on the heavier side and  don’t-mess-with-us looking ladies. Obviously, I looked away.

To my horror, they joined the mom and the son. It was amazing to realise how sweet the ladies turned out to be. The heftiest took the child away and was busy playing with him. It was unbelievable for me who’d done the mistake of judging a book by its cover. A closer look and I saw that the mom was in tears. The two ladies flanked the mom and didn’t leave her side.

The scene  was so touching. Neither the ladies nor the mom exchanged many words but there were nods in between. It looked as if the sobs were being approved.  It was as if they were having a telepathic conversation – obscure, maybe, to a cynic single girl like me. The only time I heard the “ladies” was when the child would join them and ask something.

It struck me then, I am living a single life by choice. And by single, I mean I’ve burnt all bridges when it comes to family and relatives. I have a handful of friends and that too only because they don’t know how to take “NO”  for an answer. I don’t know what had befallen the “mom” but I wonder if anything were to happen to me, will I have 3 heftier-than-thou friends flanking me, supporting me more with gestures than words? OR will I be crying alone flanked by the four ever-understanding ever-quiet walls? [Questions]

[Answers—> time will tell]

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