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16 Feb

Like my life, you pour

Gush, surge, roar, rushing below.

Turn skyward – flow.

My shot at haiku after a long hiatus. Maybe I’ll be regular now, thanks to–> the course https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-201-water/

The Silent Mother

2 Oct

That care in her touch!

Hold my hand, son

and walk

to the bus, we’ll walk

That trouble of letting go!

Off you go… careful

There you are

Are you comfortable

That smile in her face!

my son

my little darling son

won’t you always be little for me

The way she beams!

Tears brimming

of joy

hope pride delight




18 Oct


She wouldn’t sleep tonight
Too loud it rained outside.
She sighed and no one heard
She cried and no one stirred
She leapt and touched the sky
She had now learnt to fly
She landed by a stream
And woke up from her dream.
Yet, she couldn’t sleep tonight
For too loud it rained outside.
Reality bites, they said.
She gnawed the words instead.
Her fumes of glory rose
While by her tomb, she stood close.
Leaving the sobs behind,
Of every sorts and kind.
And she would sleep tonight
Even if too loud, it may rain outside.
Sorry, the title has NOTHING to do with the movie/ book of the same title. Apologies…

betrayed by memory

13 Oct


Betrayed by memory

Cheated by pride

Saved by spite, hatred harboured.

save your soul

Love – Then and Now

10 Oct

Then and Now 

Remember that stormy night
the lightning and thunder then?
How the rain patted on your windows
And he wrote you a poem
Was he your soul-mate then?
Is he not now?

Remember his insecurity
the worrying and the fretting
How he wanted u to be only his
And you gave into him
Did u not see it then?
Do u now?

Remember the war you started
At his side and against the world
How you vowed to be together forever
And he stood alongside you
Was it love then?
Is it not now?

Alas! Atlas

26 Sep

Someone once told me NEVER TO ASSUME, because when we do… we make ass of ourselves. This is how.. Assume = ASS U ME.

Alas! Atlas

She is strong, thought I

She is strong, thought she

Two strong, too strong

Thought we.

I am weak, thought I

I am weak, thought she

The earth she was carrying

She lent it to me.

They are strong, thought they

One gave the earth

Other took the earth

Look how they share, said they.

She is strong, thought she

I am weak, thought I

I am weak, said she

Shocked. Stoked. Don’t lie, said I.

A Friend

19 Sep


You are –
Sugar in one hand
Lime in the other
Sweet/ sour
You are the lemonade.
You are –
Blister in one hand
Cure in the other
Pleasure/ pain
You are the band-aid.
You are –
Metal in one hand
Reggae in the other
Thrash/ trash
You are the ensemble.
You are –
Rolling stone in one hand
Mountain in the other
Moss/ mess
You are the rubble.
You are –
Uncertain in one hand
Sure like hell in the other
One way/ U-turn
You are the dead-end.
You are –
Devil in one hand
Divine in the other
Good/ evil
You are the friend.

the Longing

29 Aug

“…listen to me”

I can’t speak

“…but you promised”

I swallow the words.

I wish I had spoken then

Reminded you of the vow taken


I held my breath

choked back my words,

strangled and suffocated.

I suffered,

the hurt and the pain.

I wanted out

But I stayed in,

Longing for the exit

I fizzled out, I perished.

[I actually wrote this for Rant Poetry Competition but……]

By the Sea, I see

21 Aug

By the Sea, I see

blue then.
the azure.
pink now.
the violet.
a shimmering ring,
bright, burning.
fades ever so lightly,

the gloom.


a spot emerges,
lambent lights,
a hope.
of the ship,
that sails
into aeon,

the silver
the day.

then blue,
then pink again.


21 Aug


I said, “Let’s have some fun”

“Go, kill the killjoy first”

She said.

My Lady Gaga moment !!!


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