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Righting the Wrong

9 Sep

Find the usage of eir and emself on this post here by Anglophonism.

Although I was trying to make a statement with my little attempt-at-scribbling above, let us not forget that I am single-handedly leading a s1ngle life. Which means, my parents would have always done me wrong unless there is a chance I become a “parent” all by myself. However, I have to emphasise that not everything they’ve done is wrong.

So the question is, where and how have they wronged me?

FIRST instance I remember is when my Dad readily accepted the fact that I was embarrassed to be seen with him. Come on!!! I was just into my teens and I didn’t want to be seen escorted around by my parents. The fact that he accepted that fact approved another fact that it’s all right to be embarrassed of your own Dad. Maybe he was trying to be the *understanding* dad, but NOOOOOOOOOOO…. he wronged me, then.

I think, in total retrospect, he should have made me sit and asked me to be proud of him. I know I’d have never listened to him but then again he SHOULD have tried. I didn’t know how badly the damage had been done until I realised I was embarrassed about (read: ashamed of) everything concerning me.

SECOND: unlike my Dad, my mom tagged along everywhere and as often as she could. It was unbearably unbearable. She wronged me, too. She, too, like my dad, never made me sit and talked me into tagging along or doing the mother-daughter bonding. She forced herself which made me loathe *authoritarianism*. I hope there’s a word like that. I was now not just embarrassed to be seen with my Mom towing around but hating her for doing things she liked just because she was THE MOM.

Whatever could have happened to a talk-session with a teenage daughter then… I wish I could go back in time and tell them to make me sit and then “talk to me”, “speak to me” and enlighten me.

My mom’s the most practical-to-the-core woman I’ve ever met and ever will [I’m sure] and because opposites attract, my Dad is just the opposite. He believes in utopia, to which my mom is bound to ask “Is it in Europe?” Now you get it, right? Which brings me to the THIRD wrong they did me.

I wanted to belong to the “beat generation”, to smoke weed, to be a part of the Woodstock fair, thanks to my Dad. My mom ridiculed me every time I voiced my wishful-thinking thoughts. As if this wasn’t enough… Whenever I talked about how my Dad could save money if we ate at a small diner instead of the fine-dining restaurant – I got a scowl. Well, my dad was/ still is a man of few words and a lot of scowls.

They may never have known what such actions could do to a daughter trying to grow up sound-minded. Well, look at me now… I am nothing but a repercussion of those ridicules and scowls. I am *confused* always.

For the FOURTH wrong, they’ve taught me “chivalry” (???) I know!!!

Yes, I am the one who’ll forever be seen standing inside the bus/ train or even airplane [if need be]. I am the one who left my seat for an expecting lady only to get scowl that resembled my dad’s because she was in shape [of course, if round is a shape]. I also say “Ladies First” and then get scowls from strangers which automatically enlightens me and then entitles me to leave first. Why was chivalry necessary?

Instead, they should have taught me to get up, stand up for my right and not for the slightly round ladies. They should have made me see the privilege of being a girl… how we can shout “equal opportunities” every time we feel slighted and then get off the Titanic first 😀 and then go on to survive to watch a movie weaved around the accident.

And lastly but not the leastly… FIFTHly, how could they not make me listen to the Beatles? Imagine my shame at being caught not knowing Beatles’ song while trying to belong to the Beat generation. I don’t blame my over-the-top pragmatic mom but whatever made my Dad commit such crime… They should have put me in a strait jacket and blasted the radio (??? I’m guessing there were radios then). I’m sure I wouldn’t have blamed them for turning me deaf. Maybe then I’d have proudly stated that they did right because it would have happened listening to the BEATLES.

THE RESULT [of being wronged this way]—> s1ngal.wordpress.com Well, because they’ve wronged me, I’m righting writing… and all the credit goes to ME! B-)


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