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the “They”

9 Nov

I’m living a single life – not always happy, not always sad either. It’s just living with the ups and downs through thick and thin by myself. If a beautiful girl, as I, wants to stay single – What’s their problem?

Everyone suddenly becomes more insightful than me, more knowledgeable. I let people be people. I’ve never imposed single-hood on every soul I see, NO NEVER. So what gives these no-longer-single the right to impose their couple-hood on me? Have I ever asked any of these “married”/ “in a serious relationship” people to become single like me?

oooooh yeah!!!

First case:

A middle-age colleague says that I must – mind you, MUST – get married. It’s the way of life.

I say, “Why”

He say, “Because you need company. You can’t live on your own. Now you can, because you’re fit and capable. What about later, old-age?”

I say, “I’ll deal with it when it comes. I can’t stop living knowing that I’ll die some day. Would you?”

He say, “But this is different. How can you choose to stay single? Do you know how difficult it is to live single?” [fyi, he’s been a widower for a few years now]

I say, “Look at you. You married but look at YOU, LOOK at YOURSELF, you ARE single…” I hated myself the moment these words came out.

He say, nothing.

Second case:

A thirty-something colleague says that I shouldn’t choose to live like this.

He says, “You can’t choose to live a single life… What kind of life is that?”

I says, “My kind of life…”

He says, “You’re healthy, capable….. now but what about later?”

I says, “I’ll be unhealthy, incapable…. later”

He says, “You’ve got to have some plan…. You’ll suffer later.”

I wanted to says, “Won’t you?” But I says, “I have plans… just that my plans don’t involve getting married.” I smiles. He no smiles.

What was the Second-case guy thinking? I mean, WHO doesn’t have a plan? We all have plans, don’t we? I have plans too – I’m not quite sure what they are now but I’m quite sure it can wait and it’s there – somewhere. Besides, many things I had planned earlier didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted them to. Some of them were a disaster, some still are.

Also, both men mentioned that I’m healthy and capable [I’d like to take this opportunity to consider the comments a compliment. Sigh, it’s so rare, sigh again]. So, do they want me to be with someone in case I become unhealthy and incapable? Is that why they could have married? To make sure someone’s out there for them during their unhealthy and incapable times? Could that be their plan? So much for romance. Well, here’s the news – THEIR PLANS SUCK.

My plan rocks – “plan when a plan needs to be planned. If not, plan no plans. Single living HIGH thinking [aka living single and thinking about getting high] – There, I have a plan or rather I have Plan A. I’m high 😀



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