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5 Feb

Growing up I wanted to do a lot of things… wished to achieve a lot of feats… aspired to do something and someday be someone.

And to this day, I haven’t done a lot of things that I had wanted to do. I haven’t achieved a lot of feats that I had wished to. I haven’t done something to someday be someone the way I aspired to. That being said, this is both the best and the worst part of my life.

The best part is things haven’t changed much from then to now. I am optimistic about things I wanted to do that I still want to do. I carry along my pipe dreams, breathe through it and live each day hoping some life comes out of that pipe.

The worst part is —-> the PIPE DREAMS

  • A friend has recently finished her flying course and she’s now a pilot – yes, a PILOT. She flies those bloody gargantuan things with wings – yeah those little specks you see in the sky… she flies one of them. [Flying – was and still is very much my biggest pipe dream that will remain in that pipe for a long time].
  • I have always wanted to be interviewed by Oprah… if there’s one couch I’d like to be on, it’s hers. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken part in the tours de France and so never won anything to be stripped off later and hence no interview from the big O, I mean Oprah.
  • Last year, I met this girl who’s studying in Cambridge University for her doctoral degree, I want to be that girl. On a second thought, I don’t want to go to Cambridge [I mean I don’t want to be that specific], I’ll easily settle for Harvard :nods: :more self-approving nods:
  • I want to do something no one has done – you know like discover something [even if it’s a new species of human being or a new country]. I want to be the first person to be somewhere new, to do something never done before… if you have any and I do mean A.N.Y. suggestion – well, we can collaborate [your idea and my pipe dream, we can be a dream team]. It can be anything, you know like facebook or like iPod…. What do you think, anyone???
  • Lastly but not leastly, J K Rowling [or Harper Lee]…

my pipe dreams lost in those pipes, I tell ya [image source]

my pipe dreams are lost in those pipes, I tell ya [image source]

I rest my case! Because no matter how much I gripe, my dreams will still be in that pipe… After all, isn’t having a bird in one’s hand pipe worth two in the bush????

What are your pipe dreams?

a s1ngle g1rl’s dream

2 Aug

 So what does a s1ngle g1rl dream about??? I mean this dream —–>

[dreem] noun 1. a succession of images, thoughts,
or emotions passing through the mind during sleep
And not in terms of aspiration or the kind Martin Luther King Jr. had[I have a dream]. Although I do have such kind of dreams, too, but right now I dream (aim) to write about the sleep-induced dream. I dream dreams – vivid and unrealistically real dreams. Maybe that’s the reason why I have a lot of deja-vu or deja-non-vu (deja-dream) moments.
Last night I saw many dreams, one after the other, and quite unconnected. So I can’t remember any one of them, it was like a montage – a rather beautiful one. Anyway, the nights I dream always give me sort of an-unbearable-lightness-of-being sensation. I wake up happier when I have dreamed than the times I haven’t and so when I don’t dream, I have this something-missing-and-not-quite-right feeling. I can’t explain this phenomenon at all. All I can vouch for, at this moment, is that I love dreaming in my sleep. For me they are a way to know that I’m all right.
Once I remember my friend and I were on the train back home. She got off the train because she had to make a detour and she asked me to accompany her to the exit.
Me:   I can’t, the train doesn’t stop here that long.
She:  You can make it in time, I know.
[She was annoyingly persistent so I gave in].
As we started walking towards the exit, I saw my train leaving. She was absolutely “nonchalant” (I wish I had a worse word than this but they aren’t appropriate :p) and there I was panicking (cursing her inside). She knew it as much as I did that the very same day I had to catch a bus in less than 2 hours’ time. I was sure I was going to miss it. [Sadness/ irritated/ annoyed/ frustrated]
I kept all my negative feelings to myself and started walking with her, out of the station. Still silently contemplating a way to catch the bus. Voila! All I had to do was make a call to the bus-people and ask them to wait a wee-bit if I run late (I don’t have to tell them the truth about ACTUALLY being late). I called them but the call didn’t go through because I didn’t have enough credit [my frustration blended with panic is beginning to eat me alive]. I asked my friend for her phone after explaining my plan. She, still nonchalant (I’d never seen her this nonchalant, I swear), looks at me and looks away. To my horror, she dials a number and starts yakking.
“Is this happening to me? Let this be a dream. I don’t want to hate my friend. She isn’t bad. She has never been this way” I prayed. I prayed for this whole thing to be nothing but a dream. I pinched myself and I looked at the shoulder-bag and felt the tug as it was slightly heavy.
“What the hell am I thinking of? How can this be a dream? I am walking with her, there she is. She is talking on the phone. She knows I am going to miss the bus? When did she become so obnoxiously insensitive?”
I broke down. The world began turning into a blur but I didn’t want her to see me crying. I decided to cut off all ties with her but it was killing me to think that way. It would have been much easier if it were all a dream. Whenever life gets a bit too overwhelming [read helpless/ paralyzed], like the moment then, I want it to be a dream. I want to wake up to a world where everything is just the way it should be.There I was, still praying —> “I wish it were a dream. God, please tell me this is a dream” and a dream it was.I woke up.
I’ll never forget this dream, ever. This is my FAVOURITE dream, the FAVOURITEST dream 😀
I don’t know how many of you feel the way I do. When real life becomes unbearable and too-bad-to-be-true, all I do is sit in a corner and pray it to be a dream and to wake up the next morning. Never had it happened except for the time (mentioned above). That morning I wanted to curl up with my pillow and cry… I don’t know why I felt that way but it was beautiful to feel that way. I don’t want to interpret or try to understand the meaning of my dreams as long as I dream. I love the way they come and surprise me. Here’s hoping there are many more dreams… coming… my way…
  • Do you dream often?
  • What do you mostly dream about?
  • Do you have a favourite dream?
  • Do your dreams affect you the way they do to me?
  • Do dreams make you inexplicably happy?

I’d love to know!!


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