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Daily Prompt: Candle

14 Oct

Last month, I went through some of my old stuff.  It wasn’t voluntary but something my mom asked me to do.  She wanted to clear some space and some of my “old” boxes were apparently occupying some “space”.  My first reaction, just throw em away…  Somehow, something changed – killer curiosity crawled in – and there I was sneezing out the dust, fanning away more dust.

As I began the archaeological job, I discovered or rather re-discovered things that I am compelled to categorise as below.

Category 1:  What Was I Thinking

I found “love letters” from old flames.  Ewww!  Why had I not burnt them already?  I found folded-around-the-edge cards, cards that said “good luck”, “congratulations”, “happy birthday”, “bottoms up” and what not, cards from my family, cards from my “old flames”, cards from people.  [Latest update: they are now ash that have vanished into thin air PHEW]

Category 2:  Thank God These are Still Here

I found my old Hello Kitty jewelry box and in it, among boring jewelry trinkets, a bracelet and a necklace – both long forgotten gifts.  I found my very old but still working hair dryer (that I had won at some fair).

Category 3: Books

I found books, books I thought I had lost for good.  Books by Murakami, Ian McEwan, Maugham, Harper Lee, and even Erich Segal’s Love Story, to name a few.

Category 4: Paper Notebooks

A whole heap of UNUSED, UNWRITTEN, UNUSED fresh notebooks.  What were they doing there?  And what do I do with them now??  Do people even write on those things anymore???

Category 5:  What Were They Thinking

This box said “gifts”.  So there was a pen-stand (with yachts floating in the water) that hardly fit two pens.  There were some fancy photo-frames (I am Chandler from Friends when it comes to photos, so photo-frames for me is always one TOOOOO many).  Then there was this cute what-looked-like-a-small-pink-china-bowl Candle and may I add without a wick!!

via Daily Prompt: Candle

Of Writing

3 Nov

Yesterday, I felt like going through my 2012 journal… I have not so mysteriously come into re-possessing my journals and some old books… I have become quite enraptured with the idea of de-cluttering… I am obsessed with the idea of having no past (in writing)…. I have been condemning them thus to ashes and to dust… HOWEVER, I couldn’t quite burn this particular journal before going through it once…. which is why yesterday I went through my 2012 journal as I felt like it for no particular reason.

As I went back in time, I began almost  immediately to regret having burnt the others…. But then again, going through 2012 took me back in time where along with some fun memories laid sleeping dogs that should have been let to lie forever…. The feeling of regret trying to creep out and shame me instead hid its face into sweet nothing!!!!


And now that I’ve written about going through an old diary, I must (without any obligation) share some finds…. Needless to say, I must also admit my capacity to amaze or rather shock myself, especially in “retrospect”…. Whenever I’ve looked back at my own self, I have looked nothing more than pathetic and naively even more pathetic…. I have asked my old self, the one who’d written down meaningless gibberish, WHY???

In any case, I found out yesterday that I might have read Robin Sharma (dunno anything else, not the writer nor his books as of now) once and I had copied down things that might have felt very important then….. Hence, in an attempt to know myself better, I’ll put it down here….. In around 2020 I might be asking WHY for sure…..BUT for now why not….
1.  Bless your money (bless everybody that it touches and command it to come back to you a million fold)
2.  Schedule worry breaks (30 minutes to worry, to wallow, brood over difficulties)
[NB I dunno if the following are from the same book]
3.  Be unorthodox – read everyday something no one else is reading.  Thunk everyday something no one else is thinking.
4.  Increase your value – think thoughts no one is thinking, acquire skills no one has, read books no one else is reading.
5. TO GET MORE FROM LIFE, you need to be MORE IN LIFE.

PS: “Judging” not allowed period


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