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Shadow of Seriousness

13 Feb

I must admit, in all seriousness, that I am aware of my lukewarm attempts at keeping the “blogging” going on…  Let it be known that there isn’t the slightest shadow of doubt there, no, none at all!

Hence, in this yet another attempt at keeping the “blogging” spirit alive, here is my picture as a result of the “…hunt for shadows and incorporate them into your shot.”



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After-work Delight

20 Jan

Overworked or was I?  It’s been a few months since I have started working… shifting gears from freelancing to working full-time.  Indeed, I do feel overworked and slightly underpaid… but then again, a steady income did feel good!

and so….

The Greatest relief in the World comes from the fact that “this too shall pass“…

and so…

I’m thinking of taking a break because I know soon I can afford it.

The Greatest break in the World comes after “months of being overworked“…

and so…

Where would I go?  Where should I go?  To the mountains or the sunny beaches??  Soar or Float???


What could be more aesthetically appealing?  The mountaintops that steal the colours from the sun… the ocean that dances and sparkles with all hues possible…. the strenuous walk to the mountains or the lazing on the water/ gazing up the sky…


and so…

The quandary… exposure to the harsh cold or the scathing sun?

The Greatest dilemma in the World comes from having to choose “where to holiday“…

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The Boss of Calm

22 Dec

My Boss is the epitome of calm. He has this calm aura about him… whether he is panicking or just thinking – he exudes nothing but calm.

Coincidentally, I am the opposite.  I am anything but CALM. I am easily excited, I panic easy, I am full of enthusiasm and it all shows.

I still remember the day when I was first interviewed by my “Boss”.  He would ask a question and pause… Me being the typical “must-fill-the-silence” kinda person kept blabbering until my brains separated my mind from my tongue.  Suddenly, I was split into two – the mind wasn’t able to make sense of the words that my tongue and mouth were forming… and yet my tongue couldn’t take the hint and kept at it.

Fast forward two months… My boss is still the calm self and I still the opposite.  Fortunately, I have become great buddies with another hyperactive colleague.  She and I always speak about him and how calm he ALWAYS is.  She has been hatching plans to shake him off his calm but so far she hasn’t succeeded yet.

Maybe because I am anything but calm, I admire my boss even more.

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Police Report — Diamond Mike Watson

15 Dec

Today I filed a missing persons report for my sister, Deborah Kay. It appears there was never such a report filed since she vanished as a child. This will be submitted to the Indianapolis police, where my birthmother was living at the time of her disappearance. I hope the relationships I have forged with my […]

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“A Guide to Short Story Contests in 2017” — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

14 Dec

Covert Novelist

Originally posted on Notes from An Alien: This would normally be a re-blog day; but, Aerogramme Writers’ Studio published A Guide to Short Story Contests in 2017. Since some of the contests have deadlines in January, I thought it needed published here today 🙂 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you don’t see a way to comment (or, “reply”) after…

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New Horizon

12 Dec

No matter how far you travel, there is always a new horizon out there!


Protest or Talk Big

7 Dec

The Weekly Discovery Challenge asks us to write about “…a moment in which someone asked you a question you weren’t sure how to answer, whether because you didn’t know, were too uncomfortable, or thought you might offend or confuse the other person…” in Tough Questions.

So I scratched me head and racked me brains… tough questions, tough questions…  Unfortunately, the scratching and the racking didn’t yield much…  But then, I remembered a TedTalk on “Big Talk”.  So instead of ransacking my unyielding brains, I did a google search on the TedTalk on the Big Talk.

Kalina [in the pic above] from the “Make Big Talk” speaks about ditching the small talks and instead heading straight to the big talk.  Imagine walking up to a complete stranger and asking them point blank what they want to do before they die.  In her site, she has some candid videos of what happens when she does the big talk.  Her idea of making big talks and skipping the small talks is thought-provoking and also gives an unconventional spin to the “courtesy” filling-in-the-silence small-talks, that we have been ordered to do for ages.

So what would be better – making meaningless small talks with strangers who you meet ever so briefly OR stick to the small talks… the conventional “small inner voice” may even protest… Then there is –> how would I react to such someone asking me Tough Questions right from the get-go.  Would I be kind enough to pleasantly respond or would I shout back and become abusive in protest.


Sacred Memory

4 Dec

I grew up secular with my atheist dad.  So, I can’t recall any memory that could mean sacred.  However, I do remember  an incident where, in my pre-teens, I did get initiated into a SACRED circle.

We had just moved to a new town and so the idea of a new neighbourhood was super exciting for me.  I was a curious kinda nerd eager to explore the neighbourhood and forget the fact that I was a nerd.  The best place about moving to a new place is that one can start anew.  I didn’t want to be the nerd anymore and this was the break I needed.

Soon enough I became friends with a girl not quite next door.  I was floored by this new girl and her effervescent personality.  I immediately knew I had to be friends with her.  After all she was everything I wasn’t and this was the break I was desperately looking for.  I wanted to tell the world that we were BFFs but only I knew it better.  Instead I began biding my time for the right moment.

She couldn’t be BFFs with me until her friends approved.  She spoke of her friends the way I would have spoken of her.  She was in all awe of her friends.  She told me how cool all the girls were.  There were four of them in the “gang” – the cool gang.  Then she told me that the four of them made the sacred circle.  She wasn’t very confident if I would be accepted in the “circle” but she convinced me she’d do her best to get me in.

Finally, the day came for my initiation.  All morning I had been bugging my new friend to give me tips on how to confirm my position into the circle.  Suddenly, she was very mum about the whole thing, after all she said this was sacred. Then it was that time.  I was asked several questions on stuff I no longer remember… I answered with confidence [nerd that I was, it was relatively easier than I had thought].  Then the final hurdle.  I had to smoke pot.  What did they know!!!  I happened to be the kinda nerd who loved all things pot.

I was initiated.

The magic was gone.

I left the sacred circle.

It was all childish, very very childish.  The only thing I regret is how I had waited with abated breath to be a part of the sacred circle.  And with all things that you set very high expectations, the return can always be devastatingly charmless.  And thus, once I made into the circle, I realised they were as ordinary as I was and no amount of pot could change that fact.

Daily Prompt: Sacred


3 Dec

My response to this week’s photo challenge – RELAX.


This week, share a photo that relaxes you.


The way I see it…. There is no better way to relax than to sit on a park bench and look at the sky…

Vim n Vigor

28 Nov

The moment I saw today’s prompt, I thought of one comic-strip sort of on-paper-meme-thing from the past, when jokes weren’t related by memes.

Well this strip-meme [from the past] looked like this.  I’ll try to write the picture and although my word limit could be a thousand words, I’ll try to do it in half the words or maybe even lesser.

There are two parallel strips.

 The first one says “ABOVE 30”.  In this picture-strip, there’s a man full of vim and vigor on a Monday.  Tuesday, he’s slouches a bit.  Wednesday, he’s slouched further.  Thursday, he’s barely sitting straight.  By Friday, he’s sprawled on the floor, eyes drooping.  Saturday, he relaxes.  Sunday, he relaxes a little more.  Monday, he’s back with his usual vigor.

Image result for exhausted friday meme

           VS.     Image result for Monday to friday above 30 meme

The second one says “BELOW 30”.  In this picture-strip, there’s a young man slouching and looking dazed [with spiral eyes] on a Monday [sort of hungover].  Tuesday, he still has his slouch.  Wednesday, he’s slightly erect.  Thursday, he’s sitting straight.  Friday, he’s seen in his full vigor. Saturday, he drinks and drinks and drinks. Sunday, he drinks and drinks and drinks.  Monday, he’s back with his slouch.

So which category do you belong to [not age-wise] – Exhausted Monday or Exhausted Friday?  I surely belong to Exhausted-MondayToFriday  :wink wink:

Image Source: First Image “Otterly Exhausted”  Second Image “TGIF”

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