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14 Nov

Fishy as she was,

Fishing for some compliments

She dropped hints as baits.

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via Daily Prompt: Fish

Bludgeoned to Death

2 Nov

Get up, get out, sweat,

Sleep, repeat; till sluggishness

Bludgeons you to death!

via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

A Phoenix of a Bridge

29 Oct

I built some Bridges;

Some I burnt, and on its ash

Another, I build.

via Daily Prompt: Bridge

Destination Underground

19 Oct

My shot at haiku…

To reach for the sky

Striving, struggling; in the end

We reach Underground.

The prompt Underground today has made me feeling slightly morbid.  I tried writing something else but somehow just couldn’t…

via Daily Prompt: Underground


16 Feb

Like my life, you pour

Gush, surge, roar, rushing below.

Turn skyward – flow.

My shot at haiku after a long hiatus. Maybe I’ll be regular now, thanks to–> the course


20 Jan

Maybe because
I was looking for something.
Or maybe just because
I looked lost… as if I had lost it all.

Maybe that’s why
He came running to me
Or maybe that’s why
He felt he owed me what he’d found.

“You’ve lost it, haven’t you?” He grinned.
“Maybe I have” I may have said.
Maybe that’s why
His grin stretched wider.
Like a magician he pulled out
What could be what I’d lost.

“May I?” Politely, this time he asked.
“Please” my politer response.
“23… Huh?” he quizzed.
“Ahem” I cleared my throat.
“Kenya… Must have enjoyed a lot!”
I must have replied with a smirk.
“Holy city…!?!” he winked, continued
“Europe… Must have been a blast”

I must have looked bored by then,
Or a girl seriously interrupted.
As if on cue, he got up
And handed me a passport.
“Thank your stars” he waved
“Why stars… Thank me” he went on.
I looked on, star-gazing style
As he sauntered away.

Well, I don’t quite remember what I was looking for
If at all I was looking for something.
But now i must surely look for some Nina-who,
Cause she has to be looking for her passport for sure.


Disclaimer: a completely fictitious piece

my DNA analysis

3 Oct

My contribution to this week’s writing challenge is a poem.

My DNA Analysis

Who am I

or what am I

is the question.

To be who I am

or to be what I am

is the question, too.

A mother’s daughter

without much resemblance

but for a smile.

A father’s daughter

without much perseverance

but for an idea.

Pragmatic mom

Idealistic dad

In between, I remain

in a limbo, akimbo.

You look like your dad, they say

Aye, you sound like your mom

Listen to her, will you? say they.

Aargh! I say

Leave me alone, I say

Let me be me, I say

No hearsay, this is who I say

Or is it what I say.

Who am I? Why am I?

How am I?

When am I?

A little bit of him

and his shared bits of them

And the rest – of her

and her share of theirs

A little bit of something

some bits of nothing

And nothing much of everything.

I am nothing without them –

my parents

Or am I

Or am I nothing because

of them.

This is who I am.

what I am.

The Silent Mother

2 Oct

That care in her touch!

Hold my hand, son

and walk

to the bus, we’ll walk

That trouble of letting go!

Off you go… careful

There you are

Are you comfortable

That smile in her face!

my son

my little darling son

won’t you always be little for me

The way she beams!

Tears brimming

of joy

hope pride delight



That’s When

30 Jan

In the Dumps

Fell out with life, so

Joy’s broken up with me

Bad time’s now my only good friend.


Giving up

21 Nov

Giving up 

Looking up in the sky

from the bottom of my well

I give up.


Written with its readers interests in mind.

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