Come see Clumsy

13 Oct

Wow!  Daily Prompt does know me… so to speak!!

I own this prompt…  It’s ALL ABOUT ME My middle name should be clumsy… I should be aka “Clumsy” or maybe I am aka Clumsy

[Out of context]  I vividly remember this one time when I was about 4.  I fell down while running and picking myself up I started crying.  My older brother who was running in front of me ran back and asked why I was crying.  When he found out why I was crying, he told me something very wise:

We are not supposed to cry when we hurt ourselves, we should cry only when others hurt us.

[Back to context] Last week, I fell down in front of this store I usually go to.  I scraped my knee and my right palm.  I mean I’m in my 30’s now.  Isn’t that supposed to stop??? I am no kid running around to fall right in front of the store I frequent…  I fall off the bus trying to board… I fall while I’m in the bus, somehow…

I drop my laptop… I dropped my iPhone in a toilet (long sad story)… things fall from my hands as if they want to commit suicide for being in my hands (seriously)… I drop the “new” camera a friend is showing off… I drop the remote control when YOU NEED IT THE MOST… There isn’t a gadget that I haven’t broken if not dropped “yet”.

Just the other night while importing hot bedtime tea I painted my bedroom door with it…

My entry OR my presence in the kitchen is always very obvious… pots and pans start jumping from wherever they are… water start spilling over the counter… spoons bang themselves on the floor… knives target my fingers and not the veggies/ fruits… my food burn (if I ever cook)

I bang my head on the headboards… I scrape my elbows walking in the door which I have used all my life… I don’t want to even talk about those annoying glass doors… my arms and knees are almost always bruised thanks to the doors, windows, the furniture, the bathroom…

It isn’t a good thing to be this clumsy.  No matter how careful I am, things just slip from my fingers, my feet find things to stumble on, my body finds some place to bruise.  I have now started to believe that my clumsy self is actually my alter-ego.  How else could I otherwise explain being this Clumsy?

via Daily Prompt: Clumsy


4 Responses to “Come see Clumsy”

  1. Ritfar October 13, 2016 at 5:44 pm #

    Lol this is so me … And after dropping things, I put that innocent smile on my face and get away with it 😛 ( advantage of being the youngest member of the family).
    BTW great post!

    • s1ngal October 13, 2016 at 5:50 pm #

      Thanks Ritfar! I can no longer get away with an innocent smile :sobs:

      • Ritfar October 13, 2016 at 7:04 pm #

        Hehe.. But I think you are big enough.. that your parents won’t scold you… Do they?

  2. henekos October 13, 2016 at 6:07 pm #

    I agree with you. We are allowed to be clumsy.

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