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An Eerie House

31 Oct

I was quite the story-teller as a kid.  I could spin a tale from anything that I would see and share it with friends with convincing conviction.  Here’s an example:

There was a house in my neighbourhood.  It was a small, kind of Eerie house that stood almost hidden in the shrubs (or trees).  This house appeared out of nowhere into our world and just stood there, almost certainly hidden, ready for me to spin a tale.

Well, one day we had this new babysitter.  Just to let you know, both my brother and I were always well-behaved children and a joy to any babysitter – old or new.  So let’s call this new babysitter M.  She was huge (maybe she wasn’t, but everybody seems huge to a five year old).  I don’t know why but I wanted to scare this HUGE woman.  I wanted to see if I could actually scare a HUGE woman.  After our initial awkwardness had passed, I asked M if she had seen that Eerie house on her way.

M: Yes, I did.

I: Did you know that house had a man who hanged himself?

M: Really? [not believing a five-year old]

I: Yep, and he poisoned his wife to death.

M: Who… how… who told you all this?

I:  Did you see the windows?

M: No.

I: Of course you didn’t.  The window panes are all smeared with blood so they don’t look like windows.

M: Shut up and go to bed.

Growing up in the neighbourhood, I did feel guilty whenever I passed that house.  It may never have been an “Eerie” house after all.  People actually lived there.  Maybe it was just one summer when it was ignored… But for me to concoct a horror tale of a man who hanged himself after poisoning his wife and still have blood smeared all over the windows… Seriously!!!

[p.s. I assume I was five years old because when the tale was told I was still attending preschool.]

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Five Giant

30 Oct

Many things came to mind as I stared at today’s prompt “Giant“.  It was a highly difficult decision to stick to only one and go on yakking about just that particular one.  Therefore, presenting an assortment of Giants I have come across:

    • a Giant rock [circa 2011].  I remember how I climbed this ginormous rock to very near the top.  Before I reached the top, there was a sort of a ledge so I didn’t bother to go higher.  I remember the breathtaking view from that spot.  I remember how I had forgotten to carry a camera and also my mobile during this expedition.  And I remember most vividly not having thought this climbing expedition through.  Climbing was “relatively” easier you see, because I was looking up throughout the climb.  It was only after witnessing the most amazing sunset from very near the top of a rock that is yet to be discovered, did I realise the way down was humanly impossible.  I also realised that if I were to die there, my body would NEVER be found.  I did come down the rock.  How I made it back though, I seriously DO NOT remember.
    • Giant Classmate.  He was almost 6ft tall at 13.  We all called him “giant” but never to his face.  But he knew that we called him what!  It all changed as most classmates started to grow as tall as him and some even taller, while I remained the Midget, which gives me a certain privilege and so this Giant Classmate is someone I still (and will always) refer to as my “Giant Classmate”.
    • Giant Whales. I once went whale watching and man were they giant!!!
    • Giant wheels.  I used to love the rides on giant wheels as a child.  Growing up, I began fearing not just the rides but the sights of them as well.  It all started when I overheard one of my grown-up cousins telling another not-so-grown-up cousin how she feared going on such rides.
    • The last standing Giant from GOT.  Although, he’s fallen now… Would be there any giants left in the seventh season?
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A Phoenix of a Bridge

29 Oct

I built some Bridges;

Some I burnt, and on its ash

Another, I build.

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Photo Challenge: Transmogrify

29 Oct

A friend trying to “Transmogrify” into BATMAN!!


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A Life To Rearrange

28 Oct

As a young girl, I was beyond my age.  As a young adult, I was “13 going on 30” [and nothing like that film] –>

Everything was too childish for me when I was a child.  Everything was too lame when I was in my teens.  It is no wonder thus at 24, I already had a CAREER!  A great job!  A wonderful boyfriend!!  A perfect life!!!

At 24, I had a nervous breakdown.

How could I have a PERFECT life at twenty f***king four!!!

At 24, I began asking questions.

Is this it?

What’s there to strive for once you’ve achieved perfection!!

Could it mean that I might die young!

YOUNG!!!  I realised that I had never ever realised I was “young” until that very moment.

At 25, I quit my GREAT job.

At 25, I broke up with my WONDERFUL boyfriend.

At 25, I began a life that would never ever be perfect again.

After quitting the corporate world, I worked at a burger-shop on weekdays and sometimes at weekends I took up jobs like babysitting, dog-sitting, house-sitting, any other sitting and standing whatever the sh** was available.  I knew what it was like to be BROKE for the first time in my life, at 25.  I waited tables and I had to depend on “TIPS” to pay my house rent.  At 25, for the first time in my life I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life!

You see, my life looks like a puzzle with all its pieces turned back to front.  Looks like my life could do a little better with a bit of Rearrangement.  OR PERHAPS NOT!!

via Daily Prompt: Rearrange

The One That Got Away

26 Oct

I always knew I was going to be single.  As a young child, while other kids were vying to be princesses and super heroes, there I was humming

Jingle bells jingle bells

Single all the way….

I just knew it.  My ambition in life was to be single (and to smoke when I grow up).  Maybe having these rather easy ambitions made my childhood anything but ambitious.  I mean look at the goals I had as a kid.  I still wonder if I was super smart or super opposite-of-smart to have set such achievable goals.  Or maybe just plain lazy.  Where is the hard work required of both these goals?  I don’t see any.  No wonder my life wasn’t challenging enough to push me to the edge where I could have created phenomenon like FACEBOOK or TWITTER. [Sighs in retrospect].

However, achieving the smoking goal was much easier than managing to stay single.  The sheer temptations!!!  And most recently (about a year ago), I met the one.  The ONE.  He was the whole package.  And I had to run away…  If there is such a thing as “soulmate”, he was mine.  Meeting him and then getting to know him brought alive all the romantic tales you only hear of.  It was magical.  And I had to run away… run like I’d never run that way.  I was the Forrest Gump and I ran away… I ran away like the wind… I ran away to oblivion…  Technically, I may have been the one that ran away but HE will always be the ONE that got away.

Well, I had to stay true to at least one childhood ambition [I quit smoking about a year ago].  It was like choosing-the-lesser-evil sort of a moment, either keep smoking and get romantically involved with the ONE or quit smoking and run away from the ONE.

My commitment to staying single – a life of Banned “romantic relationship”.

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25 Oct

I am a result of millions of Transformation, some known and more than some unknown, some deliberate, some forced, some impulsive, some just formative, some informative… I am indeed a result of millions of Transformation.

I regret some of me now.  The transformation from an assertive child to a young girl full of self doubt to a pushover.  The transformation back from pushover to my “ancient” assertive self is however not easy as the former one.  It’s always easy to mar the good then good the mar, or so I have come to believe.

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

p.s.  I intend to write something and what gets typed is something so transformed that I can hardly recognise or identify with the “end product”.



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