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28 Dec

Well, my transition back to the BIG city has been anything but easy. Life in the country may have seemed difficult at times especially when one just wanted to go out and dance or when one wanted to splurge on designer outfits (not that one would have ever dared do anything like that anywhere)… You know what I’m h saying.  So yes those were the shortcomings there and so I had to pack my bags and head back…


Only to realise how tougher it’s got to actually SURVIVE here… there’s just no space to lay back to lead a laidback life.  But then again I’m not in anyway saying I want an easy laidback life. Life here is just about running from one end to another in pursuit of making ends meet.  Almost two months down, I am exhausted. I’ve become a zombie sans cannibalism and thanks to the timely Christmas respite, I’m respiting (I know there’s no word as such but no other could justify how I’m feeling now). 

Okay… Now in the course of the last few months I’ve taken odd jobs here and there and thence have come to know why they’re called odd jobs.  Well because they’re not EVEN and these jobs are so far from being fair.  The pay is less but to give them up was like giving up your whole day’s effort (in terms of your game) to the hyenas and vultures swarming down for your carcass.  So I took the jobs, I worked like a workaholic gone madly workaholic… Last weekend I worked from sun up to sundown (no biggie I know) to sun up to yet another sundown.  So I’ve witnessed unwillingly the pale sunrise, the invisible sunset (because I live in the city now, duh!!!), the twilights, the new moon and the breaking dawns.  Not the movies… Aaargh!!! The real ones…. And if you are interested to see them for real (the way I have), work like a workaholic going madly workaholic and I guarantee you, you will see them.


At the end of the day (read blog) I’d like to.wish you all…


And here’s hoping year 2015 will bring joy to  everyone and to me a nice comfy job which won’t turn me into a zombie for peanuts.

Revisiting “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

6 Dec

I’ve just finished reading the book – the second time (as the title of this post says, obviously). And so it got me thinking… Wtf did I do the first time? Could I have really read it before? The answer is undoubtedly YES. But then again, wtf did I read the first time??

Ok, enough of the wtf’s… All I remember of my first reading is:

1. That I’ve read this book by Milan Kundera.
2. That I’d actually BOUGHT the book for the sole purpose of reading it.
3. That it was highly recommended to me by my former colleague (who knew me more than I knew myself then).
**4. That magic realism is the genre and that a dog is involved in the story.
5. That I (must have) enjoyed reading it and gone on to (time permitting) brag about having read one of the most discussed books in my circle.

[** only one is true]


The unbearable lightness of being - Milan Kundera

Fortunately, the “discussion” (from point ‘5’ above) doesn’t mean discussion on the book. Because fortunately so far I’ve been the only person (in the circle mentioned in the same point above) who’s (apparently) gone through it. Also fortunately whenever I talk about books I’ve read, my ONLY review (that my “çircle” is very well acquainted with) has been how I felt either during or after reading the book in question. Actually the 5 things mentioned above as to what I remember from my first reading have been my “review” so far.

Terrible, I know. I’m disgusted at my own folly. Now you see why I had to “wtf” a lot in the beginning. I mean why not wtf.

Anyway, I’ve indeed enjoyed revisiting the book and thank my stars for leading me to it. And like I said I’m super bad at reviewing books, so there’ll be no spoilers. All I can say is IT’S A GREAT BOOK.


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