14 Nov

Hello all!!!

You must think I’m S1ngal but I’m not. I’m Y, I’m sure she’s written about me not that I had time to read her posts… Just that I’d seen my pic in one of her posts (while simply scrolling and exploring here). So yes, my name’s Y and don’t ask me why I was named why errr scratch that… I meant I dunno why I was named Y, I should have been named Y not… I mean just look at me…


Well, I’m not here to talk about myself… I may be cute and all but I’m definitely not vain. So yes, s1ngal’s been busy with me these past few days so she couldn’t blog much (although methinks I’m just another excuse). My guardians are coming to pick me up today and I’m super happy to be leaving for home again. But before you think otherwise, I must tell you s1ngal has been awfully nice to me. Trust me, that’s the only reason why I’ve decided to write this post while she’s away. Can you even begin to imagine how delighted she’s gonna be???

Indeed, some days she made me poo in her front yard and some days she tried to starve me to a size zero minus two or so it seemed then. In retrospect, she being this forgetful human being, it wasn’t entirely her fault. Having lived her entire life (Or is it her adult life???) on her own, that’s quite understandable. She’s kinda clueless about anyone but herself (without being selfish, I must add). That’s just HER.

Having said that, she did take care of me to the extent she could. She was amazing to live with for however long it’s lasted. She took me out regularly (at my initiative mostly but then again like I’ve said earlier, it’s NOT ENTIRELY HER FAULT). She let me run in the park, protected me from fierce looking peers and let me chase the gals, ahem. Once again, it wasn’t her fault that the “gals” snubbed me. Poor s1ngal did try her best, combed my hair everyday before and after my run-in-the-park time.

Every time I looked away from my mundane (guardian approved) food, she would be worried. A minute later if I still hadn’t touched the food, she gave me the yummiest treats. I’ll always love her for this. Also at night, she’d always tuck me to bed and then read her books by my side until I pretended to be fast sleep. She’d leavet the light on in my room and her door ajar. However, while she was fast asleep, I did go and check on her. After all, giant that she is (tho not as big as my giant guardians), she’s just too naive (how could she not make out I was only feigning sleep???)

Also, since she heard from Nikki (my lady guardian) yesterday, she’s been telling me about my return. I know I’ve at times unnecessarily troubled her but I’m not going to apologise. THAT’S JUST ME!!! Period.

Anyway, I’d been waiting since yesterday to do something in a way of acknowledgement and I’d thought of many different ways, too. At the end of the day, I thought it wise to blog about it in her own blog. So this is it.

Lastly, s1ngal = super nice lady!!! I can’t thank you enough for never letting my guardians’ absence felt… I’d come back to you any day a dog-sitter’s needed for me. Also, to all my canine family out there, if you need a sitter and if your guardian chooses s1ngal, you’re SURELY in luck!! Your bonus: you’ll be able to blog about it \m/

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