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My unproductive Best

26 Nov

I know I’ve been quite irregular at blogging. Looks like it’s becoming more of a habit. Nonetheless, I must admit I had been slightly busy these past few days. Many things have happened and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about them all, sooner or later. BUT today is a day that’ll go down in (my) history as the day I’ve been my unproductive best. I’ve done nothing but lazed around the house. I was so darn lazy I didn’t even have the energy to turn on the TV (one can at times be quite productive while just watching it).

The reason: Last night, I went out with some of my friends and came back past midnight. Everyone but me was smashed…. oh, but I’m a teetotaler. Having everyone around you sloshed and smashed makes you a part of that smash, and so I woke up with the worst hangover, worse than the “Hangover 3”.


Thus, this post is my small attempt at redemption. Days when I’m least, LEAST productive I have decided to do something I’m good at. Ergo all day, having said that I’d lazed around, I was actually thinking – thinking as to what I really really like to do when I’m doing nothing.

I’ve come up with 5 things I like to do when I’m not doing anything….. Drumroll)))))))))))))))

I like to dare my notebook’s screen for a staring-competition. Yes, I can stare at it forever especially if it’s a new word document or many a times it’s been the “new post” page.

I like to lie down and dream with my eyes wide open. Well one could call it daydreaming. In such reveries, I’m always receiving some kind of AHEM awards. My acceptance speech starts smoothly until I get to the part of the award category. My bubble bursts…

If I’m not quite alone, I like listening to people around me. O yes, I’m a very good listener. I love listening to people and I think it’s the easier part (compared to speaking) until of course when the speaker tries to elicit some verbal response.

I’m super good at playing minesweeper. My best time in the beginner is 1 second, ONE BLOODY SECOND. \m/ I’m soooooo very good at it, I sometimes stay up all night sweeping those mines.

NOTHING…. just like today.

Btw, if my idea of being productive is as mentioned above……


14 Nov

Hello all!!!

You must think I’m S1ngal but I’m not. I’m Y, I’m sure she’s written about me not that I had time to read her posts… Just that I’d seen my pic in one of her posts (while simply scrolling and exploring here). So yes, my name’s Y and don’t ask me why I was named why errr scratch that… I meant I dunno why I was named Y, I should have been named Y not… I mean just look at me…


Well, I’m not here to talk about myself… I may be cute and all but I’m definitely not vain. So yes, s1ngal’s been busy with me these past few days so she couldn’t blog much (although methinks I’m just another excuse). My guardians are coming to pick me up today and I’m super happy to be leaving for home again. But before you think otherwise, I must tell you s1ngal has been awfully nice to me. Trust me, that’s the only reason why I’ve decided to write this post while she’s away. Can you even begin to imagine how delighted she’s gonna be???

Indeed, some days she made me poo in her front yard and some days she tried to starve me to a size zero minus two or so it seemed then. In retrospect, she being this forgetful human being, it wasn’t entirely her fault. Having lived her entire life (Or is it her adult life???) on her own, that’s quite understandable. She’s kinda clueless about anyone but herself (without being selfish, I must add). That’s just HER.

Having said that, she did take care of me to the extent she could. She was amazing to live with for however long it’s lasted. She took me out regularly (at my initiative mostly but then again like I’ve said earlier, it’s NOT ENTIRELY HER FAULT). She let me run in the park, protected me from fierce looking peers and let me chase the gals, ahem. Once again, it wasn’t her fault that the “gals” snubbed me. Poor s1ngal did try her best, combed my hair everyday before and after my run-in-the-park time.

Every time I looked away from my mundane (guardian approved) food, she would be worried. A minute later if I still hadn’t touched the food, she gave me the yummiest treats. I’ll always love her for this. Also at night, she’d always tuck me to bed and then read her books by my side until I pretended to be fast sleep. She’d leavet the light on in my room and her door ajar. However, while she was fast asleep, I did go and check on her. After all, giant that she is (tho not as big as my giant guardians), she’s just too naive (how could she not make out I was only feigning sleep???)

Also, since she heard from Nikki (my lady guardian) yesterday, she’s been telling me about my return. I know I’ve at times unnecessarily troubled her but I’m not going to apologise. THAT’S JUST ME!!! Period.

Anyway, I’d been waiting since yesterday to do something in a way of acknowledgement and I’d thought of many different ways, too. At the end of the day, I thought it wise to blog about it in her own blog. So this is it.

Lastly, s1ngal = super nice lady!!! I can’t thank you enough for never letting my guardians’ absence felt… I’d come back to you any day a dog-sitter’s needed for me. Also, to all my canine family out there, if you need a sitter and if your guardian chooses s1ngal, you’re SURELY in luck!! Your bonus: you’ll be able to blog about it \m/

The fault in my Sarcasm

12 Nov

I’m a bad person and it’s not a very good thing. It’s something I’m terribly ashamed of.

Last year, broke as I was, I bought the least expensive (second-hand) “bestseller” – The Fault in our Stars. I was going through a void and I was desperate for anything to fill it. Thus the book. I’m not saying the book is “bad” or did I just do that…?? Errrr… Anyway I was reading this book because I wanted to fill that void in me… Well, I’ve said that already. Anyway, I don’t remember much of the book and if I am to name the author I might just have to Google. Anyway, my point is reading that particular book, I came across a line and as I said before, I don’t remember much of it. Anyway, that particular line may read something in this line…. “…she’s funny without being rude…”


Author's name's in it 🙂

A lightbulb moment… That’s exactly what/ who I’ve never been. I didn’t know why people thought me rude/ bad/ mean/ nasty…while all the time I was just being funny. It was that line or some line in that line that just hit home, big time. As of now, therefore, I’ve become wary of myself and my “sense of” humour now. I’m scared to snap or join in a conversation and when I do, I just haven’t been able to be funny without being rude.

Ergo, this post. I have always had the habit of making everyone around me laugh at someone else’s expense… Ever learning that I am, I’ve been trying to hold my tongue these days, I’m trying to refrain myself from saying the funniest thing (funny for me) and I’ve become a “bore”. My only redemption..


11 Nov

On this day in the year 2011, I was with a bunch of 9 year old’s in a class of my own. In the morning, with an awfully uncontrollable children whose imaginations always soared sky-high; a meek voice asked me if wishing for something at eleven minutes passed eleven on the 11th day of th eleventh month of the two thousand eleventh year would come true.

The question was asked to one who had always been wishing at every sight of a shooting star and every wishing bone, who had endlessly tried to blow out the candles on her birthday cake, as the numbers grew each passing year, with one blow (internally and eternally wishing someone would help her fulfill this feat). A wishing well that I’ve passed without wishing is something that’s never happened. Even as a grown up, there’s still something about making a wish as and when opportunity arises that I would never dare deny. Despite the bitter reality of never seeing anything happen, I still make a wish. Yes, I know making endless wish hasn’t brought me much but maybe it’s just the making-a-wish part that I seem unable to let go.

The room was quiet in anticipation of my response. Few brows were raised and few even eased into smirks. The wishing girl inside me took over and I gave my “how about we all try” response. The sceptical eyes were speculating me as we got back to our lesson for the day. After a while, I informed the class that it was 11:10 and maybe we should start thinking of what to wish for. We all readied ourselves in our own special way and I started the countdown. Just when the clock showed 11:11 we all sat with our eyes closed and wished real hard. The scepticism all crushed by the temptation to make a wish or so I’d like to think.


image source

We all wished quietly and that was the end of it all. I don’t know if their wishes did come true  but still I hope they don’t give up on making wishes. I don’t even know if by letting them wish I’ve turned them more sceptical in the long run or proved to them what a silly teacher they’d got in me. But then again, what’s a life without miracles, without serendipity, without shooting stars…

So many things

9 Nov

I haven’t blogged for ages and I can’t say it isn’t awkward doing it so now.
Hmm, now that the awkwardness part is.done and dealt with… So many things have happened from the time I stopped blogging. I can’t even say I remember all of them.

Anyway, as of now you’ll find me dog-sitting. Yes, I’ve been busy looking after “Y”. He’s a 13+ pomeranian, if I’m not wrong (on both counts i.e. his age and breed). Well, one might even wonder how it all came about. So here’s how!!

My friends (husband and wife) are travelling, not together though. They had to leave town and it wasn’t possible for either of them to take him along. A single friend does always come in handy on occasions like this. So there’s how!

However, my friends seem to have forgotten the very reason I am SINGLE. Couldn’t it be because I wanted to be by myself? Couldn’t it be because I didn’t want to look after anyone nor be looked after?? Couldn’t it be because I wanted nothing to do with being responsible???


A single friend is and I’m sure will always be an option for free dog-sitting. For she’s all by herself after all. For who else does she have to look after. For she has no responsibilities whatsoever. SHE’S SINGLE, after all.

I don’t understand why people fail to understand that I seek things they don’t and I don’t want things they want.


" Y "


And just because “Y” is oh so adorable, doesn’t in anyway mean I wouldn’t forget to feed him or take him pooping on time. no Just this morning I forgot to do the latter and now there’s one BIG evidential mess out in the yard.


9 Nov

Because I couldn’t help not posting it… There’s supposedly a “BOOM”!!!


O well, so be it… So be it!!!


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