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to W who Writes

17 Feb

W is a friend… tiny and sweet [spoiler alert: he’s not a cat].

Ours is an unusual friendship, unusual in terms of “We-can’t-be-friends, no-Way” kind but then again, friends We became.

W is tiny [he doesn’t think so] and sWeet [I don’t think so] but We’ve fought our odds and remained friends.

A friend told me first and then to him later that he reminded her of a character out of The Addam’s family [I couldn’t have agreed more yet I don’t remember the character in reference]. But come to think of it, he’s more of a “Corpse Bride” character :nods:

Yep, that’s him.. [image source]

He speaks fast and so half the time When I’m listening to him I’m nodding into oblivion. Because honestly I can’t make head or tail of What’s speeding out of his vocal chords. It’s like the rat-tat-tat coming out of AK-47 [maybe AK 47 doesn’t sound this way, but Who cares!] Only When he has that questioning look “Aren’t you supposed to be ansWering me?” do I realise I have missed out…. AGAIN.

We have a lot in common. He is absolutely lazy and to be honest that Was the first thing I liked about him. So as We started sharing our feats of laziness, we moved on to discover our passion for teaching and at times calling in sick at Work. We started texting each other movie recommendations and travel destinations and latest trendy trends and …………. well almost everything under the sun, until our thumbs demanded we gave them some rest.

It was then. Now, we’re worlds apart [his world is the same, mine’s cut off from the world itself]. The only way we we can manage to be in touch is through emails, which he often does and I often DON’T 😦


To W Who Writes… Thank you for Writing!

And to all your unansWered emails,  “my gift is my post and this one’s for you

Whether or not I reply, just knoW that I do read those mails. At times, I even click on the *reply* button and leave the page Without clicking *send* and just like that the moments pass.

Whether or not I Write back, just knoW that had it not been for you I’d have never looked back. You belong to a past [or a time] I’d consider “never happened” but because you’re in it, I Will forever acknoWledge that “that” time happened.

Whether or not I am in touch With you, just knoW that you have made my life a tad bit better – some day I’ll explain hoW, I promise 🙂

… and a song that just speaks my mind…


Weekly KISS Photo Challenge

17 Feb

First there was “Love”, then there was “Home” and now “Kiss“… AT the rate the Weekly Photo Challenge is challenging me [pushing me to limits, making me rack my almost-empty-thanks-to-stress brains], I’m pretty sure next week’s theme will be “Family” [because I for one wouldn’t know what to do then…]

Presenting you KISS-pics [the way I see it]. For better ones, please click here


pour vous


Where art they now?

12 Feb

here’s something to sooooooooooo look forward to. Hmmm!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

10 Feb

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Somehow, the photo challenge has become absolutely challenging this past couple of weeks. Last week’s theme was “LOVE” this week it’s home. I – the loveless and homeless – have hence found the 2 back-to-back challenges extremely challenging.

But then again…. an excerpt from the Challenge “…..In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that evokes HOME for you.

kristaIt might be the place where you live, or a more abstract representation, or something completely different. Can’t wait to see what you do with this challenge!……..”

I was outdoors this morning when this urge to find a four leaf clover hit me hard and I got really sillily drawn to it… and that’s when I hit home [well after over an hour’s search, to be specific].

And so, proudly presenting you my representation of HOME [errr hitting HOME]



5 Feb

Growing up I wanted to do a lot of things… wished to achieve a lot of feats… aspired to do something and someday be someone.

And to this day, I haven’t done a lot of things that I had wanted to do. I haven’t achieved a lot of feats that I had wished to. I haven’t done something to someday be someone the way I aspired to. That being said, this is both the best and the worst part of my life.

The best part is things haven’t changed much from then to now. I am optimistic about things I wanted to do that I still want to do. I carry along my pipe dreams, breathe through it and live each day hoping some life comes out of that pipe.

The worst part is —-> the PIPE DREAMS

  • A friend has recently finished her flying course and she’s now a pilot – yes, a PILOT. She flies those bloody gargantuan things with wings – yeah those little specks you see in the sky… she flies one of them. [Flying – was and still is very much my biggest pipe dream that will remain in that pipe for a long time].
  • I have always wanted to be interviewed by Oprah… if there’s one couch I’d like to be on, it’s hers. Unfortunately, I haven’t taken part in the tours de France and so never won anything to be stripped off later and hence no interview from the big O, I mean Oprah.
  • Last year, I met this girl who’s studying in Cambridge University for her doctoral degree, I want to be that girl. On a second thought, I don’t want to go to Cambridge [I mean I don’t want to be that specific], I’ll easily settle for Harvard :nods: :more self-approving nods:
  • I want to do something no one has done – you know like discover something [even if it’s a new species of human being or a new country]. I want to be the first person to be somewhere new, to do something never done before… if you have any and I do mean A.N.Y. suggestion – well, we can collaborate [your idea and my pipe dream, we can be a dream team]. It can be anything, you know like facebook or like iPod…. What do you think, anyone???
  • Lastly but not leastly, J K Rowling [or Harper Lee]…

my pipe dreams lost in those pipes, I tell ya [image source]

my pipe dreams are lost in those pipes, I tell ya [image source]

I rest my case! Because no matter how much I gripe, my dreams will still be in that pipe… After all, isn’t having a bird in one’s hand pipe worth two in the bush????

What are your pipe dreams?

Award – Ahem

4 Feb

Thank you to NicoLITE @, I am one award richer 😉

a UNIQUE Weekly Photo Challenge

3 Feb

What’s not unique? Everything is unique… there’s only one ME and only one YOU… we’re all unique, aren’t we?

But then again, when it came down to Picking-a-pic in response to the week’s challenging theme [<– details in there]… well I had either too many or none. So here’s one [and I know this’ll totally get me in BIG :trouble:] but can’t help it, because it’s soooo absolutely unique!

the UNIQUE g-string

superWOman wannabe :D

superWOman wannabe 😀



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