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lO_Ok Closer: a Tube Story

31 Oct
I have my music for company – while travelling. I have a book for my eyes – while travelling. I have my day dreams for fun – while travelling. However, at times, I overlook all of these and look at the things I normally overlook. Thus comes my post for the day.


Look Closer: A Tube Story

They sit together on one of the 3-seaters. They sit apart – him by the window, her by the aisle. There is a distance between them but on a closer look, I find there isn’t any *distance* at all. They may be one of those couples with the tag *made in heaven* following them regardless of how or where they sat.

She smiles.

He is busy feeding numbers on his notebook and still looks up at her. [How did that happen? Could she have emailed him that smile?]

His look says, “What are you smiling at?”

She just smiles in response.

He raises his brow just a bit, sort of *What?* [unnoticeable, had I not been observing closely].

She smiles and widens her eyes trying to show him something – the boy can’t grasp.

He frowns.

She tips her head ever so lightly and once again opens her eyes wide.

He turns to his computer.

She looks at him.

He takes the notebook closer to her, points out few numbers.

She nods in agreement.

He smiles.

He looks at her and then to his hand – the hand that’s facing her.

She follows his gaze. She smiles and shakes her head. It is clear gesture – NO WAY.

He smiles at her and once again looks at his hand.

She smiles and turns away.

He reaches out for her bag which is the *distance* between them.

She grabs her bag and pulls it swiftly to her lap, closing it with both her hands. She smiles, he smiles.

He becomes serious, a frown that seems to say , “What am I to do with this, then?”

She smiles, looks at him and away as if to say, “Not my problem.”

He boy shrugs.

She stretches her hand and takes the banana peel off his hand.

They smile, they laugh and they look at each other.

He takes it off her.

She smiles.

He looks at her, scans her, looks her in the eye.

She sees it all and looks back at him but she doesn’t quite hold his look. She puts on her bold face and then puts her arm on the back of the seat as if to say “Doesn’t bother me.”

He looks at her and then shifts his gaze to her underarm.

She frowns at him and nods to say, “I know, I know.”

She pulls her arm back, feels her underarm as if to gauge the damage of overlooking the importance of regular grooming.

A true tubestory – a *maybe not so true* interpretation!!! 

Why no Yay?!?

30 Oct

How single can I be? How single have I become? I have just begun wondering… And this is why!

A very VERY good friend told me she’s getting her wedding invitation cards designed “…the wedding card’s being designed the funky cute way…” She was all excited – over the phone. I was absolutely cold. My response, hence – “Count me out. Consider it an early RSVP.”

Imagine – a very VERY good sharing the excitement of her lifetime and how insanely sinister was my response.

V V good friend: But why?

s1ngal: Long story.

V V good friend: a short one, I’m sure you can do it…

s1ngal: Your relationship died *for me* a long time back. I can’t pretend to enjoy a funeral.

V V good friend: You can attend a funeral though, even if it’s to shed some tears for me… my relationship has revived….

s1ngal: kept the phone away for a while with a little *ahas* and *okays” in between.

Knowing my friend the invitation may look something like this. IMAGE SOURCE

Okay a little background to my friend’s relationship. Yes, she’s been going out with this guy for ages like EIGHT years. When she breaks up with the guy, he comes running to her – wailing and whining to be taken back. Then, one fine day, as if answering to my un-prayed prayers – HE broke up with her. I knew it was the end of it all. I almost rejoiced until I saw her crying. HUH! They’d drifted apart like…. like… ummm like… okay imagine the worst *drifting apart* scenario. That’s when she went running to HIM – wailing and whining. “Ewwwww” my exact emotion when she ran into his crossed arms [or whatever’s the opposite of “arms wide open”].

they’ve BEEN there and DONE all that. IMAGE SOURCE

Okay a little more background to my friend’s relationship. She’s been going out with this guy for ages like AGES which in time gave us all enough time to become friends. So the guy is apparently a friend too. In the past, they’ve been engaged 3 times and if I’m not wrong, the guy’s already given up on going down on his knees. So this time around, without all the nonsensical formalities [applicable only to these friends, mind you :)] of engaging, which they always tend to call off, they have decided to get hitched – in February.


Yes, I’m single but I’m a foolishly hopelessly romantic at heart. When this news of her getting married didn’t do anything to my heartbeat [like I had suddenly turned to stone], I was shocked. Have I become so single that I can’t even enjoy a very VERY good friend’s happy ending [of spinsterhood]? OR is it because it’s SHE and HE getting  married that didn’t stir up any emotions in my heart? I’m hoping it’s the latter.

I want to be single but I’d always want to be a foolishly hopelessly romantic at heart. Is it possible?

I wish I were – The A to Z

29 Oct

I wish I were…

A bestselling novelist.

Better at writing.

Committed to my commitments – commitment to write, to be smoke free, to become healthier…..

Daring enough to write all the things I dare not.

Enjoying my vacation in Maldives – post my book signing day.

Fighting writer’s block and winning every time. OR Freshly Pressed [on a second thought].

Glad to be just me [which is not always the case], even as an ever-aspiring writer.

Hilarious enough to write something humorous enough to spread the best medicine there is – laughter.

Invisible, at times when I want to disappear from the face of this earth and then become visible when it’s time.

Jumping and jiving and just writing.

Knowledgeable to the extent of being a witty writer.

Living life to my fullest – right now, I’m living like a quarter of it.

Making lots of money – so that I could do all that I wish I were doing.

Not so critical about myself – I must learn to be a bit more forgiving of myself and sometime a little too strict.

On my way into writing that last page of my first book.

Part Oprah part J K Rowling part ME

Quiet and collected during the most critical phase phases of my life.

Rolling On the Floor Laughing – so carefree and so happy go lucky – errr because I would have just got news that my book’s getting published.

Sure about what I want from me, what I want from my life… I really really wish I were sure about where/who/what I want to be.

Through with my smoking habit.

Unwillingly witnessing the re-writing of Unbearable Lightness of Being, sitting right next to Milan Kundera.

Very creative, so creative that I can create plots for my books in a jiffy.

Where I actually belong – but first I need to find where this place is and I swear I’ll be there.

Xeroxing the manuscript of my unpublished book to be sent to the Publishers – Maybe this is where I belong.

Your favourite blogger, soon-to-be-bestselling-author [HAHAHAHAH]

Zealous and overzealous about living, about writing.

I wish I were writing only ONE post for this week’s writing challenge BUT I’m afraid it may not be the case. I’d love to write some more on the same topic because I have few choices left – to wish or to whine. Well, I’ve made my choice and I’d rather WISH!!!

Along came Molly

28 Oct

I had a surprise guest today and I’m pretty sure you know the name of this *special* visitor – Molly – Adorable, Beautiful, Cute, Dear, Elegant, Friendly, Gorgeous, Hot, Interesting, Jolly, Kind, Loving, Magnificent, Naughty, Outstanding, Playful, Queenly, Regal, Spotty, Terrific, Understanding, Valiant, Well-groomed, x-traordinary, young and zealous…. Say Hello! to her here…



Foreign Weekly Photo Challenge

27 Oct

I just found this picture in my *archive*, this was so *foreign* to me at the time I clicked it and luckily the year’s still 2012 and it’s never too late to wish  —>


In response [second time] to this week’s photo challenge. For more info/ pho’os click here

Relationship Advice

27 Oct

It may sound absolutely odd – ME – the single *s1ngal* by choice – giving relationship advice ?!? whatever’s this world coming to….!?! I know, right?!? However, I haven’t always been single – I have been in almost a dozen relationships till date and have enjoyed every one of it. I am not a bitter single, I am a hetter single. Hence, there can be no better person who can actually give you a sound relationship advice than MOI.

Now, without further ado, let me start with the most important thing you need to understand to enjoy your relationship. It’s not gonna last forever. Trust me on this. The reason why I’ve enjoyed all my relationships is because I knew the relationship would “be here today, gone tomorrow”. Some of my much-loved and much-revered ex men called my enlightenment  A commitment-phobia.

don’t mind the photo… it’s jus a Fo’o [‘as noffin to do with the post]

In any case, once you know this truth, the tendency to cling to your partner goes out the window. What follows next is the insecurity. Both out – it leaves you plenty of room for fun and more FUN. Then knowing it’s fleeting, you’ll begin treasuring every moment of this ephemeral phase. The best thing is, when it DOES end [:(], you’d have already known and had made FULL use of it. On the other hand, if it goes on forever, you’d enjoy it forever.

More coming soon… errr More *may* come soon…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

26 Oct

The photo challenge for this week is

I am single and a teetotaler. So what could make me feel more foreign than…. these!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me make it krystal klear – the sash on the *lady* says “BRIDE TO BE”… then you know the greens!

YOU can find more foreign stuff here!!!

Blazing glory

25 Oct

Sunrise sunrise… lo_oks like morning in your eyes!!! [Norah Jones’s words]

pink morning

the sun goes down… the stars come out… and all that counts is here and now… da da da da da da da [you know whose words]

the sun goes down..

When the sun sets here, the lights come out [s1ngal’s words]


The sun comes up every morning… and just the way it comes up, so does it go down… In between sunup and sundown, I have to get a post up because I am Part of Post a Day 2012. It’s not always easy never easy – never ever ever never. In between nibbling my sunny side up, I try to multitask [I think of what to write]. Nothing happened this morning. Hence…

Hence, you are seeing all these pictures… because – and only because – writing every day isn’t always possible when me needs to post for the day. Me being part of Post a day is actually about me trying to discipline me-self – theeee toughest job, me’s taken so far. 


a Poet’s clog

23 Oct

A writer’s block is equal to A poet’s clog… says who – says s1ngal. Although, a poet is a writer too and hence it’s a-okay for em to have a writer’s block but I’d still want to come up with a similar phrase. Hence, the poet’s clog. Author’s gridlock! Screenwriter’s cork! Speaker’s choke! s1ngal’s broke! All right, I’ve run out of my phrasal creativity.

So now, why the poet’s clog and how. It’s been a while since I have wanted to write a poem on a metaphorical storm that seemed to be brewing out there. When I’m not typing on my keyboard, it seems easy to be writing this poetry in my mind. However, the moment I step up to actually WRITE it, it never gets done. NEVER! It’s a total clog!

Last Saturday, this metaphorical storm was supposed to hit us. We prepared for it, planned way ahead as to who would be responsible for what. We had our emergency kit  ready, our evacuation procedures in place and then we braced ourselves. We were ready for the storm to hit us – and us, we waited. It was quiet, kind of eerie quiet and I knew this was the calm before the storm.

the calm

The calm lasted a bit too long for us to realise there wasn’t going to be any storm. We were devastated. The storm never came. Despite knowing that it would have been a disaster had this metaphorical storm hit us, we still felt bad – like we were robbed/ deceived/ cheated.

Were we sad because the storm never came? Or… Were we sad because we had prepared so much for nothing? Had the wait been so agonizing that a brutal storm could have felt better? Is it the knowing that we never got to know what would have happened, that caused the pain? What devastated us more, we know not.

Did we want this?

Being human means being confused, it’s what we’re eternally condemned for, I guess.

The preparation, the wait, the calm, the eerie quiet, the unbearable stillness of (storm) brewing – all added up so much that my only way out was to write ONE poem. Which, too, like the storm, never happened. At the end of the day, like they say “one man’s poison is another man’s cure” and so it happened – the poetic poison became the blogging cure.

Some day, I may be able to pen a poem on the pain of the wait for nothing but for now, I’m happy I’ve got something to post.

Romancing the UGLY

22 Oct

“Beauty lies in the eyes of a beholder” Amen!! But so does ugliness.

I am not rating the ugliness, so this is a list with no *particular* order. Because, no matter which number they belong to, they are [for me] downright ugly. Presenting you – my personal list of 5 ugliest celebreties… no, you need not agree [for here and now… I am the beholder, I am the blogger].

At number 5: This one here gives me a long face every time he pops on my screen – luckily I have a choice [the remote control].

Just-out Long

Number 4: This one here, I do find her ugly to the core. Thanks to a not-so-recent scandal, she has turned herself ugly in and ugly out. No penny for guessing!


Ugly 3: This guy reminds me of a guy I used to know, as a kid, who’d had a cleft-lip surgery. His strings of girlfriends [with the ONLY exception of ScarJo] have been as ugly as him [his now-fiance is not in my list just because I’m saving her for my new and upcoming expose : ugly celebrity-couple]. Any guesses??


The Fourth: Can’t stand this woman, she’s ugly uber-personified. If I bump into her in Aisle A, you’ll need to find me gasping in Aisle ZZZAABB. She’s like a total FISHer out of water. Can’t stand her acting, can’t stand her smiling, just can’t stand her… my only consolation, she’s married to BORE-rat.


Numero cinco: Oh how quickly have I reached the end and you’ve gotta trust me when I say “I’ve saved the best errr worst for the last”. He looks like a degenerated/ regenerated boy version of Ellen Degeneres with a touch of Miley Cyrus [who could have easily been my number six if it weren’t for my 5’s the limit]. The resemblance is just too uncannily resembling to ignore. Next time, you see him, look closer… you won’t be able to tell the difference!!!

i think it’s IN the name JUST-never-IN

NB. The 3 ugly boys: all share the same name. No, I don’t have a history of being ugly-dumped by anyone by that name. It’s a coincidence of the most amazing order, I swear. I like the name “Justin”, yes I do! It’s just an errr ugly coincidence… I guess.

Ugliness isn’t always bad… Lo and behold, I got something good out of it – a post!!! Three cheers to ugliness – Yuk! Yuk! Yukkay!!!


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