Weekly Writing Challenge: Occupied

26 Sep

I’m very apolitical. I like to be politically correct.

The combination of the above 2 sentences makes me the most hypocritically coward of a human being [aka s1ngal]. I like to be a part of that “world-changing” revolutionary group as long as I can remain an anonymous supporter and no action is required.

You may wonder why? Well, as far my hypocritically coward self is concerned, somebody somewhere always gets hurt. I remember how my mom used to get exasperated when she [always] saw me sympathising with the BAD guys while watching soaps/ movies et al. The answer ~ they are human beings too and I love the underdogs [I may someday explain this theory in another post].

Another incident [you may think it’s wayward, but then again] that made me cower even further. I was sporting my “Whaling Sucks” tee when a Japanese friend spotted it and commented “I know it sucks but many people’s lives depend on whaling. We need FOOD, we don’t kill it for fun…”. She didn’t refer to my tee and I was getting slightly confused until my brain started functioning and I understood.

Thus, then, I began asking my “activist” self, “What makes a right deed and who decides what is right?” Yes, I am throwing down the gauntlet [love this phrase] and so weakly writing for the Weekly Writing Challenge

For me, the enlightening of “Occupy” occupation began when the Egyptian revolution started on Facebook. It justified my “facebook” addiction and, selfish and pathetic it may sound, apart from that the revolution had nothing to do with me. After all, I was safe [far away] from where the action was taking place. Why should I worry? I was using facebook, wasn’t I? I was safe, wasn’t I?

Then the “Occupy Wall Street” – While this protest began salvaging many lives [maybe], there may have been some workers [you know the ones who fall under that 1%] praying to keep eir job [obviously, if it pays SOOOOOOOOO darn well].

Which brings us to the big word “Capitalism” – we go against it until the day we become the Capitalist. Imagine, one of the protesters making it to that privileged 1% [very rare but hypothetically speaking], what then? Would ey still occupy emself with the “occupy” movement? Was there anyone from that 1% who protested or occupied “Wall Street”? I have my doubts.

I rest my case but for what I need to speak out or I might have to forever hold my peace.

“Iraq – Occupied”  ~ I’m not pro-Saddam Hussein nor am I [ever EVER] pro-Bush. Let the pic speak for itself –>


4 Responses to “Weekly Writing Challenge: Occupied”

  1. NicoLite Великий September 26, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Whatever floats your boat, but I like to ride the rough waves of revolution… as long as I don’t have to fire a gun or something like that 😉 writings, words, opinions, the internet: the weapons and the battlefield of modern revolutions! Or, you know, the foreplay and the aftermath for the bloody, violent revolution

    • s1ngal September 27, 2012 at 6:07 am #

      “Escapist” has been my middle name and it’s sad [only because it’s so daaaarn true]. But change is inevitable and maybe I’ll change. Some day I too might take my surfing board and ride on the HIGH “waves of revolution”.

  2. Edward Hotspur September 27, 2012 at 7:43 am #

    A power picture couplet. Free air vs free mind?

    • s1ngal September 27, 2012 at 10:22 pm #

      either way one or the other *free*dom gets taken away! :sigh:

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