the October Shine

22 Oct

It’s sunny and shining!!!

Thanks Nancy Thanki for the challenge Shine.

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Friends worth Millions

21 Oct

I read this somewhere…

You only need two close friends in which you can trust and dedicate yourself to. Having too many friends can lead to depression and stress.


So here’s a picture of my two “close” friends with the moms.  I’m not friends with the moms because (and apparently) “Having too many friends can lead to depression and stress.”  However, these two friends are worth more than Millions so to speak or at least for the “time being”!

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Almost Ancient

20 Oct

I had earlier written a post on how I had errr magically unearthed some trash along with “treasure” long forgotten.  You can check it here.

Among the rubble, I found this book “A Story About a Real Man” by B Polevoi.  I have no idea who it belonged to and how it had made its way into one of my boxes.  The book was published in 1950 and if you look at the state I found it in, it does look almost Ancient.  It smelled Ancient and some insects had sacrificed their lives in some of the pages within.

I will not attempt any review for I fear that I might belittle the content.

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Destination Underground

19 Oct

My shot at haiku…

To reach for the sky

Striving, struggling; in the end

We reach Underground.

The prompt Underground today has made me feeling slightly morbid.  I tried writing something else but somehow just couldn’t…

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Raif Badawi’s Punishment Continues — The Gad About Town

19 Oct

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Raif Badawi remains in prison. Raif Badawi still awaits 950 lashes with a whip. Raif Badawi remains in danger … * * * * The source who informed Raif Badawi’s family in January 2015 that the writer’s sentence of 1000 lashes with a cane for the crime of writing was about to be carried out […]

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Daily Prompt: Waiting

18 Oct

Things that can happen when you are à la Waiting

ONE:  The waiting becomes longer by the hour/ minute/ second/ micro second/ nano second

TWO:  Time turns into….

T   t i c k t o c k

           I  flipping   t  i  c  k  t  o  c  k

                               M    f     l    i   p   p   i   n   g   t     i     c    k    t     o     c     k


THREE:  No matter how much you distract yourself, you keep coming back to “waiting”

FOUR:  Anxiety… Agony… Anger…. Aaaaaaargh… Anxiety Again

FIVE:  What you are waiting for may not [always] be “worth the wait”

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Urgent is Nothing

17 Oct

From the time we are “conceived” or maybe even before that, life is all about urgency.  My parents met and then there we were – two children for them to take care of.  I’m sure they couldn’t wait for us to grow up and go away.

I see my friends – girls and boys alike, running from one direction to another, ticking away their boxes on their list.  Find a partner – tick.  Make some babies or at least one – tick.  Can’t make babies, seek medical help – tick.  Try IVF baby – tick.  Baby, yippiee – tick.  Baby crying – tick.  Baby babbling – tick.  Baby toddling – tick.  Baby speaking – tick.  Baby needs to go to nursery – tick.  Find a nursery – tick.  Baby needs to go to school – tick. TICK TICK TICK TICK TICK…

All these tick-tick-tick could very well be the time ticking, because for everything there is a “time.” There is the biological clock, for instance.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Then there is…

“…promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

And miles to go before I sleep.”

Fortunately, for me there is no urgency… nothing is Urgent

The friends (and family), who are busy ticking away their boxes and feeling oh-so-accomplished, often look up from their list and look [down] at me.  What they see gives them shivers down their spine.  They see a “lone” woman, without a man/ woman (to love in sickness and in health, till death parts us), without a steady job, without a child, without a family to call her own, without any a.c.c.o.m.p.l.i.s.h.m.e.n.t.

Sometimes, they offer to find all “missing” elements that are missing from my life.  Whaaaaaaaaaat?????


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